Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dreams do come true!

oh hey family and friends wut it do!? the prayers have been answered!!! thanks for everyone who supports me and the missionary work that is progressing in my area. this week was way too tight. on monday night we had exchanges. i stayed in tucson and sis hallett went to st david. its like a sleepover on exchanges sooooo fun! so that day we had two appts with some ladies that we contacted and the first one was good but she mostly just has question...she dropped us last night. then we had plans to visit less actives...i think we went to 9 houses and no one was home. ITS WAS SO FUN. I LOVE SPENDING ALL DAY IN A CAR -___-. then we had a appt with a lady named debbie and it was great. shes going through a hard time so we shared a scripture about peace and she was all about it. we meet with her again tonight. the rest of the week was blissssssss. we made plans to see people and they were actually there. OMG WUT!? we had great lessons and it was tooooo tight. one of the young women we are teaching said that she knows the BOM is true but that church is borning. i was like lol thats what i think toooooo!!! jk sis hallett doesnt like when i say that. i love to do it though. because you gotta be able to relate to the homies. we dont want them to think were like uptight jesus freaks. AMIRIGHT!!? so basically everything was good. we met with the people we wanted to and got 4 new investigators. we went on splits for the friday day and i got to take over the area. im the goodest missionary. omg we got pizza 2 times this week. i obvi worship pizza so it was like going to disney land. -___- its the most exciting thing...life of a missionary. we had no one at church which sucked. im over it. then we were waiting for THE CALL....but it never came so me and sister hallett are together for another 6 weeks in the pantano ward. itll be good i hope because then we might get to see some of our investigators get baptized!!! omg i hope that it works out for them. mark....the first guy we ever taught accepted a new date for aug 31st and we told him....lol you gotta come to church. thats our only gator with a date. we took pics with our zone yesturday since alot of them are leaving. none of the sisters thought. then we went out for luch. so fun!!! today for pday we went to a catholic mission builiding thing. it was cool but like why are the catholic statues so scary. i was trippin. lol mormons >>>>> but yeah that was my week basically. keep the prayers a'comin because theyre working!! heavenly father truly does answer prayers and he hears you!!! have a great week. write me and send pic!
xoxo sista b

bye elder logan! hes going home...we were in the pantano ward together

 lol book of mormon in catholic mission sorry not sorry

 all the jesus
san xavier mission

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