Saturday, August 16, 2014

okay satan, I HATE YOU!

ugh you guys this week was just too horrible. like sad and sad. ima break it down for you. Monday was good and fun. we went bowling!!!! hahah I was like the only one that wanted to go but I forced the whole zone to was fun! we played skittle bowling and had a good time. then we went back to the church and played basketball. I am like getting pretty good guys. like good. I love to ball. that night we had to give the lesson for stake FHE. haha we were so scattered and unplanned but were like "lol let the spirit guide". we taught about putting on the armor of god and the lesson actually turned out really good. thanks spirit!  okay Tuesday wasn't so bad. we were supposed to go to Tucson for a meeting but it got switched so we were kinda upset but over it. we planned to visit some less actives but only saw one because she LOVED to talk and we were there for quite a while. people are so lonely sometimes and being there just to give them some company is good for me! we went out to Chinese that night YUM! then we went to visit a really old lady in the ward that is in the hospital...she is arieanas grandma. on Wednesday we had zone meeting and talked about how we can better work with members and get really is all about the members you guys! we had to make savannahs baptismal program that day too. we started teaching a less active family, the baileys, on wedneday night. they are all about reactivation and getting their son baptized. so that is a miracle there! we are teaching their 8 year old son the lessons. that night we left to stay the night in vail at lovells house because we aren't tryna wake up at 4 in the morning to leave for Tucson. we got to vail a little early so I surprised lovell at her appointment with a family that I love! it was soo good to see them. the kids remembered me and gave me big hugs! so cute...I miss my old areas and people a lot! we stayed up a little late so I was way too tired on the next day. we had our new missionary/trainer meeting on Thursday. it was good and all I can say Is that I am soooo blessed to have sister Salazar! we get along so good and have so much fun while we work hard. shes a great baby! after that we all went to a little Mexican stand and got sanoran hot dogs. soooo delish. I love all my mission friends and how we are like family out here! its fun. since safford only has a walmart I obvi had to go to target and spend that gift card you gave me mom. omg Tucson is soooo civilized! haha saffords great too. I was literally so tired driving home for 2 hours....hallelujah that I didn't crash and die. Thursday night was the will see why in a bit. on Friday morning we had to go on exchanges. I went to st david and sis Salazar took over the area. she was really nervous but I think she did great! I had a good day in st david with sis shrader. she goes home in a week so we talked a lot about what shes gonna do when she gets home hahah she loves vampire diaries. lol twilight. Saturday was also a mess of a day -_______- we went to the Spanish sisters baptism and weekly planned and at night we were supposed to play softball with a bunch of non members but right when we get there it starts DOWN POURING!!! so much rain and thunder and we played basketball instead. it was really good because like 8 nonmembers came!!! really fun. sunday was a better day because right when we were about to get 4 less actives came to church! that was really good!!! but on a sad note, the lady we visited in the hospital on Tuesday died :( we will go to her funeral on Saturday. also our elders gave us alcohol and cigarettes from their member...idk why, but hey asked us to dispose of them. so that was totes fun! okay now onto our investigators and other people......

savannah: she has been so excited for her baptism and everything was right on track! sister Salazar taught her about temples and families being together forever on Friday and said that it went great and said a really sincere prayer at the end.....then satan came and was the worst. on Saturday, the day she was supposed to be baptized, we get a call and her mother in law tells us that she got attacked by bees and had 18 bee stings and had to go to the hospital!!! what?!?! that's just totes stupid. shes doing better now and her baptism is set for this Saturday. YOU WONT WIN LUCIFER! lol isn't the cat from Cinderella named Lucifer hahah

martin: omg we had the best lesson with him on Tuesday! he was just eating up everything we were teaching him and telling us how the spirit was talking to him about putting down the poison (his alcohol) and that it was time to change his life and how everything in his life was getting better. it was so good! then on Thursday he called us and told us he didn't want the lessons anymore! so unexpected!! we went to see him and we think he was drunk...but he was just telling us how he needs to focus on getting his money and doing him. he just got really selfish and is not ready right now. it was so sad. me and sister Salazar were ballllin....wah! 

charlotte: she is being a little sassy pants and says she too busy to meet with us now that school started....I will beat her! hahah her grandpa said its okay if I do.

arieana: it was a really bad week to see her with her grandma being in the hospital and then dying. we will hopefully see her this week.

kris: shes hiding from everyone idk.

soooo things were hard this week but we are going to be HAPPY and optimistic for the future. Heavenly Father has our back and wont let us down. men are that they might have JOY and I am all about that joy. okay have a great week. I wont email till Tuesday next week because of transfers....I hope I stay with little Salazar. LOVE YOU GUYS!

sista b

elder Roper being our knight in the armor of god

lol at my face

exchanges with sis shrader...there comes a time in your mission where you are just like "idk what I look like" that day was one of those times.

see ya tequila

cheers to the Word of wisdom!

we hate cigarettes!

down the pooper!!!

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