Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Safford, Salazar, SIX!!

 omg everyone and their mother emailed me today WHICH I LOVE...but i will have to make this quick. soooo im still in safford and with salazar for another 6 weeks! we saw it coming and are so excited to be with eachother this next transfer. so this last pday we played basketball all day becuase it was elder petersens last pday and thats all he wanted to do. it was fun! on tuesday we had exchanges and gues who i was with. only my favorite companion!!! SISTER CALLLLL!!! omg we were so pumped. we talked all night about the good ol times then on tuesday we called our recent converts. jean is doing soo good and is preparing for the temple so she can be sealed to her husband FOR ETERNITY. the mcguires are doing goo too...they went through a little rough patch for a moment but now are going back to church and preparing for the temple. susan was just so happy to hear from us and we all started crying on the phone. I MISS THE WEST SO MUCH! we were supposed to see savanah that day but when we got there her mother in law said that they got in a fight and just left. i was like -___________- of course your kidding me....so upset. but she texted us on thursday and said that they were back and that the baptism was still on! weeeee!  we saw kat and leroy that night and then we shot bow and arrows at their house lol that was sooo fun! i almost killed a dog but didnt so its fine. i was so sad to see her go that night but glad to have my little salazar back. on wednesday we had our last district meeting....we watched a really cheesy mormon movie about a family getting baptized. then we went to visit the cutest old man in the world named floyd hahah hes sooo fun. we cleaned his house for him because hes just to old to do somethings. we are working with a family on reactivation...they are doing really good and the mom even got a calling! so cute. on thursday we had food bank for a couple of hours and ugh i dont really remember what we did...dang sorry. on friday our dinner cancelled and so we got money to go to dennys. omg i love dennys so much! then we went to a viewing for Noras funeral. ummm viewings are creppy and i dont like staring at dead people right in front of me, but it was sad. she was such a cute woman. on saturday we played our last morning basketball game :( then we went to noras funeral service. it was really nice. we are so lucky to have the knowledge of eternal families. even though death is soo sad its only a temporary goodbye! after the service we went to a baptism for the YSA elders. there were a lot of people there....good for them!!! then we had a baptism for Savanah. not too many ward members were there but she had a lot of support from her family. alot of which are non members or less acitves...which is a good time for them to feel the spirit.it was a really good service! that night we went and saw charlotte that girl really is something else but i love her and she loves me...we are like kind of like kindred spirits. that night we went to play softball again. we actually played and i realized how aweful i am at that sport. ohweelllll. then we got transfer calls that night instead of sunday night. nothing new for us and alot of the elders in our zone are training because we are getting 31 new missionaries this transfer. on monday morning we had a zone breakfast at dennys hahah again. i am going to miss everyone so much. we all got so close and we just like bffs...plus all the basketball players are leaving...who am i gonna ball with?!?!? so now it is the start of a new transfer....this will be fitness transfer. me and salazar are doing it! we are starting with a detox today. ill let you know how that goes. okay gotta gooooo. i have no time left. hahah we have no more investigators so hopefully this will be a good finding week. pray for us plz! LOVE YOU ALLL TOO MUCH!
sista b

lol bangin

im katnissssss


my sissssy call <3

this is sooo fun!

we are us

okay not to toot my own horn but TOOOOT TOOOT how cute is this pic?! arizona does grow stuff once and a while

we went to the temple after dennys. cute!

love these people!

savanahs baptism!

the elders leaving....roneys not retarted he just looks like he is



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