Monday, August 4, 2014

High on a fetchin mountain

helllo to all!!! this week was pretty funnnn. so i decided that im going to write my emails different. like ill go through the week and the highlights that happened and then ill talk about the people that we are really working with. we go. monday wasnt anything to special. we played sports. mostly basketball. so ive been playing ball every week for the bast 59 weeks and never go hurt. so i was due for a rolled ankle. i fell and rolled the exact ankle that i broke my junior year. lol remember when i had to wear that rediculous boot. i was so fun! yeah it hurt and swelled up pretty fat so we were kinda home bound that night, RICE! sis salazar taught me thing Rest Ice Compress Elevate. so clever huh? so on tuesday i was kinda hobbling around all day but we still got in 6 lessons! go hard!!! we saw some less actives that say and ive had a goal to be bold! so im just coming out with it and im like "WHY DONT YOU COME TO CHURCH" we get the typical excuses...."we are really busy", "its too early", "im fat and non of my dresses fit". ya know typical. at least they know i mean business now. wednesday was so freakin fun!!! we went to the top of mt graham to have district meeting. it was beautiful!! the weather was a perfect 70 degrees and the sun was shining. we had got taught revelation through the book of mormon and were all supposed to pray and have a joseph smith experience. it was really cool. the book of mormon is so great and i have grown to love it more than i ever thought i could. everytime i read it, it answers a question or concern that i have at that time. read it, love it, live it! thursday we had food bank and then stake coorelation to talk about all of our fun investigators. its pretty chill. friday...nothing too special just seeing people and stuff. saturday we did some service for some people and cleaned their house. i love a clean house now!!! mom are you so proud of me or wut. cant wait to have my own cute little clean house. that night we were having game night with all the missionaries and our less actives/investigators. we were supposed to play baseball but it got to dark so we went to the church and played mafia! it was pretty was a good way to show these people that we are normal, fun loving young adults who also just are obsessed with the gospel and jesus christ. sunday was fast sunday aka hungry. hahah me and sister salazar were just sitting in our house reading the scripts and she just yells out "I DONT KNOW HOW PEOPLE CAN BE ANOREXIC, I JUST LOVE FOOD." hhahahah it was so funny but like true. food>>>> to break our fast we went to bishop hargis' house to have an anniversary party for kat and leroy. we had chinese food and it was way good! we also had a dinner scheduled so lol 2 dinners. soooo fulll. okay now i will go onto our peeps

savanah: doing really good. we got everything figure out for her baptism this saturday and she had her interview on sunday and passed with flying colors. her mother in law texted us and was like, "SAVANAHS NOT GET BAPTISED ANYMORE" then we tripped out and was about to cry but they were just joking with us. like dont joke about salvation. we are all excited for the big day this weekend. 

martin: hes staying good and sober!!! which we love. we had a couple lessons with him with some members of the ward and he is learning. he read alma 32 this week and totally got it....he was like "so im like a little tree right now that needs lots and lots of nourishment." hahah hes so funny. lol we went over there yesturday...because he didnt come to church -___- and he was watching alvin and the chipmunks. this huge tatted guy loving on the chipmunks. when he said the closing prayer he was like "father, i love the chipmunks...dont be mad at me." hahah it was so funny. we moved his date to aug 30.

kat and leroy: doing good and coming to church weekly. weve really been working on their smoking and yesturday she said "im done buying them so i better quit" hahah yes!

charlotte: shes been sick this week but came to church for a bit. shes really excited to start school this week.

arieana: only got to see her once this week. we talked about family and she got a little sad about her situation since both her parents are in jail. but you know what she said "all i gotta do is pray and things will get better" omg what...youre 8.

Kris: ugh its so sad. we havent seen her in 4 weeks about. we tried to go visit her and when we pulled down her dirt road we saw her we drove to talk to her she literally ran away from us into the wilderness. i dont know what went wrong but satan is definitely behind it! pray for her heart to come back and the spirit to touch her. 

okay folks! that all for now...have a great week and i miss you guys soooooo much. be good and like go to church! lol there! love you all
sista b

lol ooopppssss

cute lil zone on the mountain top

me and the kid on the mountain. greeeeeeen!

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