Monday, July 28, 2014

Give em Heaven, sister!!!

hey hey hey! i hope everyone had a great week. it went by super quick for us! on monday it wasnt that good of a pday. we got free taco bell which was cool...but we didnt get to play sports that much cause no one was there. ugh oh well. that night we went to teach martin...we showed him the 20 min restoration video. he loved it and asked if there was a longer one...yes there is sir. on tuesday it was literally hell on earth. like so hot i wanted to shoot myself numerous times. me and salazar are all about getting tan so were like lets go walking around the trailer park and talk to not cool. we start walking and im like sweating in 5 minutes. and no one is outside because theyre smart and stay in their nice cool house. by the time we got home i was drenched and gross lol nap time came next. that night we saw the cutest old man that just loves the sisters but hates 9am church. we taught him about the atonement. my favorite thing because it is the best thing that we have as members of the church! use it use it use it! we had one of the best dinners that night...bbq chicken, salad, beans and yummmmm! these people are tryna kill me. on wednesday we had district meeting...we talked about the importance of church for the bajillionth time. i was just asking some questions and tryna get peoples minds turning when everyone just turned on me and made me answer my own questions with a role play. in front of everyone. ugh hated that beyond belief. like role play in the worst. dont do it. i did it though. whatever lol bad attitude. that night we went to martins to play the long version of the restoration. i love that movie so much and have a legit crush on joseph smith or something. the whole time martin was making rediculous comments that made no sense and at the end he was hittin on us soooo much. like "mommies, i wanna take you to dinner. anywhere you want, just us." UMMMMMM NOOOOOO!!! then we left and he kissed our hand -______- we were so disappointed. like why is he taking the lessons and just questioning everything. bad! on thursday we had food bank and then we taught savanah. she is almost done with the lessons and is preparing for baptism on aug 9th. shes really quiet so when we try to get to her testimony all she says is "it makes me happy". i think she is genuine though because she is excited to get baptized and have her sins washed away. we had dinner with bishop hargis that night. that family is just all about missionary work and doing anything they can do to help us. they are so great.we talked alot about kris our recent convert. about a week ago  kris kind of fell off the face of the earth. we dont know where she is but know its not good. please pray for kris that she will want continued contact. on friday we met with arieana...the first time since her baptism. we showed finding faith in christ and she gave the best little 8 year old girl prayer that i have ever heard! she loves christ and is just the cutest little sassy too haha. that night we met with martin.....we get there and he apologized for the way he acted saying that he had a little too much to drink before our meeting. it was the perfect time to talk about the word of wisdom. man oh man it was so intense.....he kept on justifying how he needed his drink and how it helps him function and all these excuses. sister salazar just laid him not yelling but very bold! i was just like "ill step back here real quick, you got it guuuuuurlll." she was soo good. in the end he agreed that he would finish the bottle he has then he was done. weve seen him everyday since and the members (omg which is kat and leroy btw) said he hasnt drank. he seems kind of bitter towards us but we know he will be blesseedddd!!!!!! WOW rullllzzzzz. on saturday we balled in the morning. love that. then we went to a clothing exchange at the church. i got some way decent shoes and a shirt and stuff. we went to the cutest old couple for dinner and accidently spent 4 hours there ooopsss. they are great and her husbands not a member so it was good. old people have the best stories. i cant wait to live life more!!! sunday was a good day! me and sister salazar gave talks in 8th ward about missionary work. do it peeeeeepsss! thats basically the gist of it. ill send it to you parents. it monsooned and rained like crazy! its soo cool because every prayer that was said in church people asked for rain. Heavenly father listened obvi!!! he loves us out here in the desert. okay this is long. i love you guys. write me and stuff. i wanna hear all about your life!!!!
sista b

be real arizona. i hate you
puppy puzzle from the package from bray, britt and jalyn. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!


not tight-all sweaty!

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