Monday, July 21, 2014


omg you guys words cant describe how much i loved this week. def one of the funnest weeks of my whole mission. so herrrrre we go! on monday, we played the funnest games at pday. glow in the dark dodgeball with glow sticks and fun. then our zone leader ran into a piano and had to get stitches so that ended the fun. then we had fhe at our stake presidents house which was a good ol time. that night a man from our ward texted us about how his roommate wanted to be mormon! hahah that is such a miracle. we were so excited and set an appointment. on tuesday we had a zone meeting and we all ate cold cereal while we learned how to be better missionaries. than night we taught our new investigator. his name is martin. he is all about coming closer to heavenly father and changing his life. its also super convenient that he lives with hopefully they can be a good example for him. on wednesday we had interviews with our new mission president. it was kind of different and i miss killpack but im sure i will grow to love president passey just as much. we talked a lot about how i can keep the fire going but then we also talked about going home. my official release date is DECEMBER 17TH!!! Parents, i sent you a nice little letter about everything that needs to happen before then and what will happen if youre down to still pick me up...which is a GO! that was exciting and a little trunky but alllll good! we saw charlotte and arieana that day. arieana was so excited for her baptism..."how many more days"...."3"...."ugh thats FOREVER". so cute. that night we went to some ward members to help them make the float for the pioneer parade. me and sister salazar made moroni's title of liberty. whiched turned out pretty dang good if i do say so myself. thursday we went to the food bank and made the baptismal program. omg speaking of which....can you believe that only 2 people in the ward play the piano and they both couldnt do it?!? what, i thought all mormons played? we had to ask someone from a different ward to play for us. thats it. im def teaching my little kiddies to play. after dinner we went and saw martin again and taught him the rest of the restoration. sis salazar gave the first vision and did so good. growing up so fast! he accepted an baptismal date of august if either of us get transferred we would still be there for it. friday was fun and busy. all the missionaries in the gila valley were apart of the "variety show" they were having for pioneer day. so we had to go to practice for that in the day. sing one verse of "we the builders of the nation" and raise our hands in the air. woop woop! after the practice we saw arieana one last time before her baptism....then we had dinner with the FERRINS! ugh it was soo good to see them. the kids are all grown up and kim and dan just are so skinny and look like babes! i miss them so much and they were so nice to me and sister salazar. come back anytime you want, guys! we talked about home and the good ol days. after dinner we went to the variety show and were famous. lol jk we were in it for 3 seconds, but it was still fun. okay now saturday was wayyyy too tight. first, we woke up at 5:45 to meet our zone at the stake center and balll. that was great. after we went to the pancake breakfast that they were having. yummm. i saw some people from my old ward! it was good to see them and see that they havent forgotten about me. then we had to rush home and get ready for the baptism. it was soo good! arieana came in a beautiful white dress. there was so much support from the ward and her family...a lot of which who are nonmembers. i know they felt the spirit because there were definitely tears. she bore her testimony at the end and was just too precious. after it was all over she cried a bit because she was sad that he mom wasnt able to make it. she is such a strong little girl that has unfortunate circumstances. after the baptism we went to our investigators wedding. it was in the gym and was very romantic. lol love...get away. okay then i just had to take a nap during lunch. after that we decided we would do some service for our zone leaders if they would help us out. so we have a mouse in our house -_____- what. we told them we would clean their house if they would kill the mouse. so we swept and mopped their place while they were on the search for our friend jerry. they didnt find him...yet. after that it was time to go to the parade! lol we were so famous because we go to ride on the float. i saw a lot of people from my old areas and was soo happy to see them. i love making friends!! after the parade, we ate with the ferrins at the bbq...thanks again for buying us dinner. i owe you!!!! we just talked with people and watched the fire works!!! they were amazing. then me and salazar chilled with the ferrin boys while kim and dan just talked with all their buddies. i loved it!!! yesturday was a good church day and time to wind down and get back to the old grind. i had so much fun this week and we worked hard but we also played hard. it was great. i love my mission! the church is true. OH DAD! you ask if we ever knock. not really. 1: because there are so many mormons it would be totes awk. "hi we are the are you mormon?" 2: i know we should be knocking BUT we are advised that knocking is not the best way to find new people to teach. its a cold contact with not much success. especially out here we NEED the members help. knocking is just kind of a waste of time....but it does give experience. i will take sis salazar this week. promise! okay love you all. help the missionaries do missionary work WITH you guys. byeeee lol long email.
love sista b

right before the funnn of glow in the dark dodgeball. i hid the whole time lol

 lol and mitch driving!

the ferrins!!!

savannahs wedding

we woke up this morning and the mouse was caught!!! RIP jerry

arieanas baptism....she got mad when i blocked Jesus.

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