Monday, July 14, 2014

Workin' hard!

hellllllo and gday to everyone. hope you all had a cute little week. this week was way good for us. after pday on tuesday we went to dinner and this family had a PURDY PUPPY! are you kidding me?! i was in love and could not even focus everytime it came around. i felt like jalyn and just wanted to scream "WEEEE WEEE WEE MMMMMMMM" hahah. after dinner we came back to the house and salazar unpacked all her stuff and made herself at home. on wednesday we had a service thing in the morning then went to district meeting to meet everybody. i think this new zone will be fun and that we will all be super close. we talked about prayer in district meeting and it was super good. i have been paying special attention to my prayers this week and making sure that im not generallizing and saying the same things over again. after that we went to lunch at a mexican resturaunt. pretty good. not the best.  we saw ariana everyday this week, making sure that she is ready for her baptism this upcoming week. she really does remember everything that we teach her...if we give her hint. shes so cute! i cant wait for you guys to see this little freckled face ginger! the rest of the day i took sister salazar around the area and introduced her to some of our and leroy omg lol hilar, charlotte, and the franklins. they all took her in very welcoming and didnt scare her away too much. on  thursday we had food bank for 4 hours. it took forever! haha sister salazar couldnt believe that they would just give us free food. she was all about it. we read with kris that day. she is/was doing so good! her electricity go turned back we had some fans on and it wasnt that hot! blessings do follow those who keep the commandments! we come home early most nights because i have specific training to do with sis salazar. its kinda monotomous the third time around but i can make it. on friday we decided that we should try and see kris after food bank. her phone wasnt working but we decided just to drop by and it was a good thing that we did. we walk in and she is just awefully sick. she can barely move. she had throw up all over the floor and looked soo bad. we didnt really know what to do so we called the bishop who is a doctor and decided that we needed to take her to the hospital. its times like these that i am so grateful for the soft whisperings of the spirit and that i can be intune with him. if we didnt follow the prompting to go see kris at that time who knows what would could have been days before she got ahold of anyone! it was such a miracle. that was the big adventure of the day. on satuday we went and saw kris at the hospital and it turns out that she got an infection, was dehydrated and has something wrong with her eye. oh and her blood pressure was like 88/60 which is wayyy to low! shes doing better and the ward is just so great at going to see her and make her feel loved. shes still in the hospital and dont know when she will get out. prayers for kris please! we were incredibly busy the rest of the day...seeing the relief society president, helping kat and leroy figure out how we can help them stop smoking and at the end of the night we went to kris' house and cleaned. she hasnt had electricity in 7 months...there was alot to do. we vacummed and shampooed her carpet and cleaned her kitchen. i love serving others! making sure they feel loved! nothing really happened on sunday except church. ariana had her baptismal interview and passed! yay haha. this next week is gonna be good! we have interviews with president, arianas baptism and pioneer day! im way excited. sister salazar is doing great. shes a little new to the schedule and has fallin asleep acouple of times during lessons but she can keep up. ihope im not pushing her too hard. im tryna go really hard these last few months....GOGOGOGOGO! anyways shes great and we get along good! have a great week everyone! love you
sista b

me and sister like slytherin

ummm puppy

love me puppy!!!

bout to clean kris house haha surgery

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