Monday, May 19, 2014


helooo hello helloo. how is everyone doing. omg i just looked at the clock and i have like 15 minutes so hopefully i can get everything in. sooooorrrry. we had a fun day. we went to visit a lady and boy did she love to talk. we were there for 2 hours and basically had to force ourselves to leave. it was so funny. lovey was trying so hard and i was just dying haha. then we came home and caught a lizard! i dont have the pics on my camera lol sorrrrry! then after that we went tracting. lovester loves tracting so we are all about it these days. then for dinner we did a magic trick for our lesson! lol you guys it is soooo good. i will hafta record it and then send it to you guys. you will be amazed! on wednesday we had distrcit meeting. it was good! all about leaving commitments with people and making it exciting. which i love! lol then for the rest of the day we seriously tracted. it was sooo great! nothing came out of it but im getting a really good watch tan line and it wasnt that hot. that night we went on exchanges and i went to my old area in the east. PANTANOOOO WASSSUP. It was good and i got to see a lot of old members that actually remembered me! i was like awww tender. people know me. so that was good. omg that was the day when the heat hit. it was probs 95-100 all day and i was sweatin. lol yesss just the way i remembered it. on friday after weekly planning me and lovey made the rounds to the people that we visit. we went to see one lady and shes like thank goodness you girls are here i need you too cut my hair. and im like FUNNNNNN!!! so we made lovell do it. omg it was soo funny. she gets the clippers and starts going and then all this hair falls off and lovell looks at me with that face and was like "SOOOO SHORT" HAHAHHAHHA. but it looked good and she did a good job. soo funny. that night we had dinner at the chinchillas....were the elders live. and we fed the horses and then some of the missionaries came over to "burn" their clothing. like an elder hit his 18 months so he burnt some pants. wierd missionary stuff like that. saturday was sooo hot and hard. we went to 14 houses that day and only 1 person was home that we could share a message with. and it was soooooo hot. dilligence people. im telling ya. we had stake conference this weekend. the saturday night one was all about hastening the work and it was sooo good. seriously missionary work is 200% easier with members involved. sunday was good because we werent at church for 108923 hours so we got to visit alotttta people. sorry i hafta goooo but i love you all. write me because i havent gotten letters 4 EVER!!! have a great weeeek <3
sista b

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