Monday, May 12, 2014

mothers day HIIIIIGGGGGGH!

ugh it was sooo good to talk to you guys yesturday! i missss you so much and love you to pieces. i hope that talk will get me through this last 7 month stretch. I HIT MY 11 MONTHS TODAY. lol thanks because im so old in the mission right now. like everyone looks up to my wisdom, knowledge and experience. okay so lemme think about what we did this last week. on tuesday we visited alot of members because that is our only 2 finding ideas: knocking doors and working with members! on wednesday we had a metting with our 1 investigator peggy. we taught the word of wisdom and she says that she shouldnt have a problem with any of it! yessssss i hate having to deal with that kinda stuff but it comes with the territory i guess. she is so golden! i really hope she hits he baptism date. i guess its good to have 1 solid investigator than a bunch of noncommittal people. AMIRITE? after our meeting with her we went tracting. lol lovell is so fun when she tracts. we go to this a nice house...and a boy who looks 15 answers the door and shes like "hi are your parents home" and hes like "NO, i actually own this house and im not interested." i almost peed myself it was sooooo funny!!! then at dinner we had a really good mexican meal: beans, rice and the whole shabang. then for the rest of the night their son is actually farting the whole night. i couldnt contain my laughter, but im not sure if he noticed. LOLOLOLOL!!! on thursday we were busy all day seeing people. 6 lessons! we went to see our recent converts the oversons and their 8 year old son said he wants to be baptized. caressa (the mom) has just eaten up every part of the gospel and its sooo good to see her flourish! shes so great. im so excited for them. now we just need to get the 2 other sons. on friday we went to this familys house for dinner and when they feed the missionaries they dont mess around! lemme tell you what was for dinner. we had t bone steak (huge), baked potatoes, grilled corn, salad, french bread, and split pea soup. i dont even know how i made it. soooo much food, and we once again got left overs. fun! saturday was another good day full of lessons. we got 24 lessons this week. pretty good! i think the most ive hit is 30 in my whole mission. sunday was spent just counting down the hours until i could talk to you guys and it was well worth the wait. i cant wait to talk to EVERYONE! ugh i cant think about it too much because i miss you guys so much! okay well i dont really have much time left. have a great week sorry this wasnt that long. byeeeee
sista b

lol i fellllllllll

so the bug is a special bug that eats tarantulas and he got his dinnnnnner

snake that lives on our porch!

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