Monday, May 5, 2014

finding and frying

OHHHH HEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOO. how are my faves doing this day? this week was sooooo lol. on monday after tombstone we went to play pday sports and had dinner with one of my favorite families. the best. on tuesday we went around trying to see people in the morning and we stopped at a members house who literally has every bird on earth in his backyard. i told him he should charge admission into his house. we saw geese, chickens, emus, peacocks, peracettes lol i dont even know if that last one is real but it was nuts. then we had to go get a car wash for car inspections. our car gets sooo dirty on all the dirt roads that we drive on. we had a meeting with a lady in our ward that is going through a hard time. its times like these on my mission that i feel so good about what im doing. there is not much that 2 22 year old girls can do for people with real life problems but she tells us that we help so much and that just makes me feel SOO GOOD!!! on wednesday we had zone training with president and sister killpack. it was mostly discussion based around a talk given by elder bednar. there were some really good things said, but im tellin ya, some people need to learn to keep their mouth shut. but its all good. i keep the peace. after that we had a lesson with peggy and it was sooo good! she has such great intentions to find out the truth. she said that she was willing to do whatever it takes to find out. we set a new baptismal date with her for june 7th. that night we had dinner at another great members house. she is just the cutest. she loves to do family history so she showed lovey how its done. it was way fun and lovell was havin a blast. i hope to get more into that when i get home. on thursday we met with a less active in our ward that took the lessons forever so they had a million sets of missionaries so we had a missionary reunion with about 8 of us. it was pretty fun...hopefullly seeing all of them will get them encouraged to start coming back to church! on friday we went to a less actives house and helped her make hundreds of egg rolls. it was fun and we even got to take some home. ever since lovey got here everyone had been giving us sooo much food. probs cause love looks like she weighs 92 pounds and they wanna fatten her up. lol!!! that afternoon we stopped at a magic shop in our area and go thee best pranks and tricks....they will come in handy later. on saturday morning during our study we saw a king snake on our front porch. lovell tried to catch it but it slithered off. we are gonna get it and do something sneaky with it later. the elders had a baptism that day so we went to that and then we had dinner at a families house that has 5 little boys and a daughter. so we are sitting there eating dinner and one little guy says to me "are you her mom" pointing at lovell. OMG WE DIED!!!!! it was soo funny. i cant wait to have children who say rediculous things. on sunday we had church and peggy came! the fellowshippers in the cienega ward are so great, we hardly even got to talk to her. then during our break between wards me and lovey went to the park to study. omg first of all, there was live action role play there (search it if you dont know what it is) and second we got soooooooooo burnt. when we went to church everyone was like "ohhh sisters are you okay" so im just totally fried right now looking like a lobster. but oh well. its cool. last night we went to the bishops house for dinner and lovell planted the fart machine we bought at the magic shop in her skirt and we made her "fart" at dinner. hilarious! they believed it!! it was sooooo funny. but we told them and the bishop said we had guts to do it. but we knew he would appreciate it. ugh sorry this is so long, i just have a lot of stories to tell these days! have a great week and pray my burn turns into a golden brown.  oh yeah also lovell ran into the sliding glass door on saturday night. i almost peed my pants.
loveeeeee you
sista b

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