Monday, April 28, 2014

temple lovin'

helllo m'dear family and friends! hope you all had a wonderful week this last week. i have a feeling that this transfer is going to go by sooo quick because the weeks are just flyin by! on tuesday we spent alot of the day taking lovell around to meet people in the ward and still try to get her to know the area. since we have like 0 investigators right now a lot of our time is focused towards finding. 2 hours of tracting each day and sharing missionary messages with the active families to get the pumped and talked to their neighbors and stuff. nothing has come of it yet but it will in time. on wednesday we had district meeting about testifying! teaching can be so hard sometimes when people dont understanding what youre teaching, but when the spirit is there and testimony is being born, people cannot deny what they are feeling! the spirit! oh heyyyyyyy. mom, i gotcho package! so fun, i love everything. you da bestest! we werent able to see many people after we got home, except for the lady with the pig!! she has a pig. like a full pot belly pig, in her house that THEY SLEEP WITH IN THEIR BED! their bed people!!! im just like okay maam, do you. its whatever i guess. just a pig in the bed. on thursday it was the best because we went to the temple. we left tucson about 7:30 and had a 10 oclock session. i love the temple its just the best! it feels like we just went! time is FLYING!! i only have one more temple trip before we go home. nuts. after the temple we went to a really yummy mexican resturaunt. i got taco salad as usual. lovey got a burrito and she just takes her plate and mixes the whole thing together like a big pile of slop. she calls it "goolosh" idk shes the funniest! then i was soooo full after that and when we got home we went straight to the oversons for dinner! omg so full! me and lovell were about to pass out because it was just soooooo much!!! friday hmmmmmm. i dont really remember. tracting and stuff, trying to figure out ways we can get new people to teach! its so dang hard out in the middle of no where! saturday morning the ward went to a less active ladys house to clean up. it was good to see the ward coming out and helping people who dont even come to church! "by their fruits ye shall know them" we have the fruits, guys!!!! and boy are they delicious. that day it was soo glooomy and cold and even rainy! i loved it. such great weather. reminded me of home. sunday was a 11 hour church day because we had a linger longer after. sunday is church day and ive just gotten used to it. its gonna be wierd going back to 3 hours when i get transferred. today we went to a place called tombstone, az. its an old city that still has all the old buildings and stuff. it was soo coool. we went to a old brothel house! omg do you know what that is?!?! i definitely did not. the guy was like what are a bunch of you mormon girls doing here! it was really fun. they said it was haunted so you know i wanted to go ghost hunting. maybe another time. teach the dead the gosple. just like the spirit world! well time to go! hope you guys have a great week! i love youuuuu!
sista b
oh yeah we went to the fair on monday and talked to people and i got a free corn dog the size of my head!
the pig -_________-

at the temple! this is the dress you gave me mom. love it! me and lovell are clearly the most retarted in the zone

me and the love bug

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