Wednesday, February 19, 2014


oh shooooooot, i only have like 15 minutes so sorry if this is really short. so last monday we had lunch with grandparents. it was soo goood to talk to them about the family and how everyone was doing. i love them! then we had an awesome time at pday sports. we play like so much bball and i love it! i get freaking so sweaty though. but whats new, right? i dont have my planner with me so i dont really remember what went on this week. ima rack my brain though. ummmm omg im stressin cause i dont remember! we went and we visited quite a few people. on wednesday we had district meeting and our DL goes home in 2 weeks so hes soooo chill and we are just district chillin the whole time. hes a great missionary. ugh this is aweful sorry. please still read. i just really cant remember. we met with some recent converts on tuesday and they had a friend sit in on the lesson and said she wants to know more and their daughter said she wants to get baptized too. miracle! on thursday we met with the oversons and had a bbq because can you believe its was like 85 on that day. i hated it! anyways they told us that they really like us and that we are helping them learn alot more about the church and heavenly father. that made me feel good in our teaching skills. on friday it was valentines day! lol no love. but it was still good. we went to go help set up for a ward party that they were having. we also frosted cookies for a couple hours. and then i ate 3 -__- that night we had dinner at the funnest family ever! this smiths....theres at least one in each ward in america. i can bank on that. we had pizza! perfect singles awareness day. on saturday we went chalking at the park and drew the plan of salvation and then we had a little bit of time before dinner so we went to the magic shop...a little shack on the side of the road. the guy did so many magic tricks for us it was so fun! he was a true sorrcerer. then after dinner the elders and the family they lived with invited us over for more pizza and a movie (17 miracles) obvi couldnt turn that one down. on sunday we had a district fast and fasting+9 hours of church= not a very happy missionary. it was a pretty hard day, but we had dinner at the smiths again and everything was good. on monday we had a great pday. i was a reallly good baller yesturday. my game was on. then we are teaching an 7 year old preparing for baptism. that family is sooooo cute. i am going to steal thier little baby girl. today we had a new missionary training meeting. it was good! i need to be a better trainier. im sure im fine but its still a lot of responsibility. but sis stuart said to me this week that when her stake president set her apart he blessed her with a good trainer. lol thats me people! that made me feel good. well i gotta go have a great week! love you! write me or summin
sista b


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