Monday, February 3, 2014

Seahawks represent!

yay seahawks!!! good for them....even though i only saw .2 seconds of the game. im glad they won...i literally just spelt won like one. im getting so retarted. need byu. so this week was better. on monday the whole zone got together and played bball. it was so fun. our zone is so little but we are like united! its great. then we went back out trying to see families and at first we had no luck for like 30 minutes and i was like "suck! what the crap!" and then we finally got in a less active part member family and gave them a great lesson about trials and faith. it is so good when you get to teach! i love it. then on tuesday we didnt have such a great day but we we got to go to mutual which was so fun. there were these two girls in the corner just laughing and being fun and it reminded me of me and brooklyn in yw. always so disruptive. sorry to all the yw leaders who hated me. on wednesday we had district meeting but we were late because a text got sent out to everyone that it would be an half hour earlier BUT since we live in the middle of the moutains. no text for us! weeeeeeeeeeee! thats seriously so annoying. but despite that we actually had a good day and met with some less acitves and got some new investigators. they were being taught before and we picked them up again. they are a part member family and i think they will be pretty solid. ill keep you updated with them. on thursday we spent most of our day looking at part member families and unbaptized 9 year old children. suprisingly we got into a lot  of homes but were not interested in getting taught. its okay though. we left them with the spirit and thats all we can do. omg and then we met with this autistic 16 year old girl. shes so great and im looking forward to working with her. she thinks shes a vampire and im like GREAT, set me up with edward and we will work perf together. it will be so fun. i love twilight. we got 6 lessons that day!!! fun. then on friday we went over to see some recent converts to teach them how to FHE. they are such a cute family and the little boy is soooo sassy. hes 3 and he scares me. ps....everyone out here loves horses and im just like horses -______________-. im not a horse a purdy person! i LOVE PURDY! saturday was the funnest. after seeing a couple of people we went over a members house because they were having a party for the new missionaries in the ward. we had a bonfire with hot dog roasting and smores. SO FUN!!! i loved it. that is the perk of being out in the sticks! then sunday was 9 hours at church. GRANDMA AND GRANDPA CAME! It was fun to see them and sit with them. kinda wierd. but i loved it. grandma was so excited and grandpa tried to hug me and i was like LOL AHHHHHHH! hahah but it was good. then we went over to a familys house for dinner and they were watching the super bowl and it was 22-0 seahawks. i just came in chanting "SEAHAWKS SEAHAWKS" lol i dont even like foootball. i felt bad for barging in on their party but like missionaries are fun too and we all knew that seattle would win! any ways i hope this week is successful. thanks for all the love and support! have a great week!!!

Zone leader, Elder Dayley (West Tucson) 
the west at the temple<3

HORSES -________-

lol Sis. Stuart!!

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