Monday, February 10, 2014

I can't shut up!!

hellllllo family and friends. hopefully everyone is doing so wonderful. this week wassssss eh. not to bad and not too good. so on monday it was pday and like everyone went mountain biking or something and so no one was at sports. i was like -___- this sucks. so i went home and slept. then we had fhe with some new converts which was fun. they have the cutest little boy. on tuesday we had an adventure!!! we met with out vampire girl. that was interesting in itself. we are going to try and help her with personal progress but in a way that she can connect with. i love being creative! then we had dinner with my favortie family ever! the elders live with them, but we had them for dinner. they are converts and so strong. i love them and we can just talk and talk. after them we had a lesson. they live on a way sketch dirt trail and it was dark. so like im driving and i see this address and im like "we miss it" so i back up about 10 feet trying to go to the other house and i back into a deep ditch!!! we tried all we could to get it out but i thought we were making things worse. so we had to call the elders! it took them 45 minutes to help us and the cyotes were howling and it was cold and dark. but the elders came to the rescue! elder bell just gets out and hes like "freakin sisters". lol thanks for saving us. on wednesday we had a zone meeting and it went forever! then we went to lunch for an elders birthday and that took forever. we didnt get home till 4 and we had dinner at 5. so full. that night we taught a less active family with 4 unbaptized children (corbetts). i love teaching children because i can be fun with them! at the end of the lesson the mom said how long have you been out and i was like almost  8 months and she was like "wow i thought you were almost done. youre a pro!" lol thanks! on thursay....oh thursday. i will have nightmares about this day. it was the WOOOOOOORST! We went tracting for like an hour. nothing. then we tried to see like 15 people and no one was home or they couldnt meet. from 1-5 nothing! i hated it!!!! but then we had dinner at our investigators house (oversons) and they showed us their animals and tree house and we had enchiladas. they are soooo golden...we just have to get them to church!!!  then we went back down the dirt road to the people we were supposed to visit on tuesday. we made it guys! on friday,after weekly planning we had a great day. we had so many appointments that we had to skip dinner! i love days like that. suprisingly almost everyone we are consitantly teaching are kids and i am just fine with that. then saturday was a great day too!!! loved it. we met with some great members....i love old people, and some less actives actually let us into their house! i love the idea of the rescue. everyone needs to remember the covenants they made at baptism. then saturday afternoon we got a call from one of the bishopric asking us to give a talk on sunday -_______- typical men lol jk. so on sunday we gave a talk on "you can do it now" a talk given by pres uchtdork in oct gen conference. i think i did pretty good. then we had church for 9 hours. lol. now onto the title. i never realized how much i talk. like so much. all the time. and its rediculous. i dont let sis stuart get a word in. and we talked about it and she said its good for her. NO! I neea shut up. pray that i can keep my mouth shut and that sis stuart will have the courage to say everything she wants too. im outta control. okay have a great week. kiss all your loved ones on friday. i have a hot date with the spirit. holllla!
love sista b

oh shooooot

we went to an asain party. youll bring honor to us allllll

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