Monday, November 4, 2013

Tha durrrtyyy south

omg hi family and friends, how is everyone! this week was way fun and different. on tuesday we started teaching our recent converts daughter. shes 9 so its fun to see how we can adjust the lessons to be interesting to her! shes so great and has a date for november 16th to be baptized. im sure about this one. on wednesday we were able to meet our new zone which was fun. sister winkler, who was in my mtc district, is in our zone and i absolutely adore her so i was way excited. lol attractive elders.  omg then on thursday we had to take our car in to the shop to get fixed so you know what that means.....BIKES!!! our elders in the ward just got a car and so they let us borrow their bikes for a week. omg bikes are fun for about .32 secods but then you start your first hill and just scream "take me now good lord" omg my legs were BURRRNINNNNN. it took us like 40 minutes to get to our dinner appt. k side note, some one next to me is super gassssy and im like ew you needa take your bum outside....hope i can make it through this letter without passing out. anyways, so we got our dinner and anyone who knows me well knows that i sweat like a hog. and thats exactly what i looked like when we showed up. it wasnt even funny it was like "Oh do you need a towel?" yeah whatever. then after dinner we got to go home at 7 because hey its halloween. so fun! me and sis call just messed around at home. we have so much fun together!! its nuts. on friday we taught some people and taught the plan of salvation to xemora (9 year old) it was really interesting. see the pictures below. we are such fun missionaries. im obsessed with us. keep in mind we are riding bikes all day....i just want you guys to feel sorry for me rite now. on sunday we had to ride to the ghetto and then we stopped at a gas station because we were both sweaty and thirsty then some one gave us money!! lol we didnt accept it at first but she really wanted to give us something. #freemtdew. so fun! then we helped our investigator clean her house. im such a good cleaner....thanks mom. lol wut? then we got pizza for dinnnnnner. i <3 pizza. on sunday...omg you dont want to know about sunday. our church is like 10 miles away hillls the whole time. so we show up and im bleeding and sweating and my hair looks aweful. i literally had to repent because i looked so bad on the lord holy day. AND it was fast sunday. i better have lost like 39 pounds yesturday. -__________- ugh bikes till thursday. but i know that the lord gives me strength. seriously couldnt do this if i wasnt on his errand. the lord helps all his children in so many ways but especially missionaries. so greatful for all of our blessings. look past the little thing and gain and eteranl perspective guys. i love you all and have a great week. 2 nephi 31:20 ENDURE TO THE END! loveee sista b

just tryna cool down before we go to dinner. ew

plan of salvation for 9 year old

sis call <3

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