Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 months out hommies!

today marks my 5 months out on my mission. lol thats crazy...i still feel really young and like that i dont know that much stuff. obvi i do but i  just dont want to have any responsibilities yet. soooo lets see what happened this week. on monday we had to get groceries on our bikes. omg we just looked so rediculous with the bags on the side of our bikes. oh well. then after pday sports and stuff a member took us out to dinner at dennys and lol they got my order wrong so we got FREE DESSERT! so fun! on tuesday we were still on bikes and we rode like legit 30 miles....im not even playin with you guys! such a great butt and thigh work out. we met with our recent convert jean and we were talking about patriarchal blessings and we were like lol so jean are you gonna get yours and shes like "no, all theyre gonna tell me is that im gonna die soon." ROFL! she is the funniest 80 year old woman that i know. on wednesday we had a zone trainig which took a little bit of the day. it was a great training though. about how we need to get referrals from the members in the ward. guys give the missionaries referrals and they will straight up worship you!!! just do it. we also just talked about why we came on a mission and what we are here to do. it was really good and put my mind in perspective. i needa be the best missionary that i can. soooo any ways on wednesday night i was like okay we need to call the car place to make sure we can get the car tomorrow cause ive had it up to here with riding these bikes. so we call and shes like "ohhhh lol your cars been done for 2 days." -_________- YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! ughhh oh well, we got some good exercise in and it wasnt that bad. so on thursday we went to go get the car and it was just pure bliss...i love my car! then for lunch one of the members took us to burger king. HOLLLLA! shes the nicest lady ive ever met. all the members in this ward are great though. we were able to teach a couple of our investigators that night and see how the gospel is blessing their lives and i love that they can see a difference and feel the spirit in their home as they learn more. so fun! on saturday tucson was having this big mormon heritage festival thing and all the missionaries form the tucson zones were able to go and help out. it was so fun to see all the activites and see the mormon heritage and talk with all the homies in the mission. it was such a fun day! lol omg i dont have that much time left. but xemora gets baptized this weekend and we are so exctied for her. she is soooo sassy and fun and i just love her. every time we visit shes like "i wish you guys were my real sisters" awwww shes so cute and then she was so excited to tell us she already had her tithing set aside for this next week. pictures to come next week! love you guys have a great week! its still hot and sunny but like im getting tan!
love sister butcherite

bruises from the bike -_-

way legit sign

i love pancakes

omg sister butcherite on jennie place

our doll we made at the festival

omg sister winkler!

all my girls together again!

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