Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transfer #4 lol

another week is come and goonnneee! so fun. on monday we had pday sports and played dodge ball but im like lol scared because the elders get way to into it and throw way too hard. lol im a girl so like could you not. ya feel me? then that night we went on exchanges. i stayed in the area and sister ballard came to be with me (no there isnt any relation) shes way sweet and chill and is so lucky because shes been in the ysa for 6 months -_______- i wish!! it was a fun and busy day, visited alot of people which is great. listen to the funniest thing i have ever heard. so we were visiting one of our recent converts whos husband is dead and she is/was so in love with him like notebook style. so she is giving us a little tour of her home and she has all these risque pictures of women on her walls in her bed room and im just like "lol jean what the?!" and shes like "i didnt really care where frank got his appetite as long as he came home for dinner" OMDASOFHDSOIGHADOSGH WUT?!!?!?! I DIED!! LIKE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. shes like 85 years old and soooooo tight! omg i am in love with this woman. then on wednesday we had some meetings and went to a relief society activity at night, it was really nice and uplifing and stuff. on thursday we went walking a bunch because we still have no miles on our car and of course its arizona so its still 90 outside at the end of october. sweating like a beast but i dont even care anymore. then we just had a bunch of people to see and i was gross and salty lol. what did i do on friday hmmmmmmmm, umm we washed some dishes for a lday and visted jean!! fun and umm talked with some less actives that have the biggest testimonies but just wont come to church! ugh so sad!! then on saturday we went to our investigators and he made us speghetti (lol i dont even know how to spell any more  oh well) hes a way decent cook. then we visited santa!! this old couple in our ward and he is legit santa. i believe in santa again because i know its him. then it was stake conference that night and bishop davies from the presiding bishopric was there. he is GREAT speaker. tons of stories. lol like dad! he was great. the hole stake conference was about hastening the work! CMON GUYS! DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE OR WUT! jk just invite people to church or something. on sunday we had stake conference again and visited some people and had a great mexican dinner so fun! NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS! sunday night me and sister call are just waiting and waiting for calls then our ZLs text us and theyre like "you guys are staying together so you can go to bed now" SOOOOOOOOOO FUN, WE WERE SO HAPPY AND JUST JUMP AROUND SCREAMING! im so excited because sis call is so fun. haha she will spend 6 months in this area but she loves it. then on monday we had zone pictures. transfers are so hard because you get so close to all the people in your area and just are gonna miss them you know! but i can tell this is going to be a GREAT transfer so pumped. last night we went to our recent converts house and her daughter is just waiting there with her book of mormon and is like im ready! pumped! we taught her lesson one and she is getting baptized on the 16th and is sooo excited. i love this little girl. she is full of sass and is so fun. we are going to have to adapt some of the lessons to be more kid friendly but that will be fun! okay thats it over here in tucson. pray that the weather cools down or i just might not make it. love you alllllll!

my camera died so this is the only pic with sister ballard


my district

the sisters

west side!

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