Monday, November 18, 2013

my first saved soul

omg guys this week has just FLOWN on by! like i feel like i was just on email. thats a good thing i guess. it was just a magical, splended week. lemme fill you in on all the gloriousness. so on monday we played pday sports outside at the park cause you know its november and the sun is still shinning and its hot out. normal. then that night we just did some regular missionary work and got free homemade granola. so fun! omg i forgot that i email on tuesday! so anyways after email one of the members made us lunch, yum! we had a bunch of lessons and its way fun to have all the lessons because you stay busy. we took away some of our investigators chew and yelled at him and said that we just want him to be healthy and the next time we saw him he was done wit da chew!!! yay word of wisdom! on wednesday we had district meeting and then we went to carls junior for lunch. thats the good thing about being a missionary in the states... you still get all the good american fast food. #diabetes. then we went knocking but like no one was home or everyone else said no. hahah what?! we have a great message to home people! on thursday there was a relief socitey activity that we went to. it was a big thanksgiving dinner! they wanted one for all the woman so they could enjoy the food without cooking it. it was reallllly good! it was the only dinner we had all week. can you believe people would just let us poor sisters starve! lol jk its fine...i had cereal and it was suffient. on friday we had some good lessons, ya know helping people find all the answers to their questions. we taught xemora and it was the day before her baptism and she was soooo excited. she said that she has been smiling all day. she practiced her testimony in front of us and i swear she knows the scriptures better than i do! she also said that at the end of her testimony she is going to say that me and sister call are going to marry elder daley and elder i was like lol do it i dare you toooo!!! saturday was sooooo fun! in the morning we went to super saturday and made such fun crafts! i made special suprises for my family so lol duh i cant tell you what i made...just know that they are so stinkin cute and you will die of loving me! then after crafty time we had to get ready for the baptism. omg stressful. so we get to the church and start filling up the tub. okay check. but the library is locked and we have to print out the programs! ahhh! so then we had to go all the way to staples and get them printed and of course they take forever...the water is still running. im just like grreeeeaat, the tub is going to overflow. all the while pictures from my baptism are flashing through my head (thank you uncle scott for letting the tub overflow). so we are leaving staples and suzan, xemoras mom, calls and shes like the tub is almost to the top and we are like PULL THE PLUG. ugh! okay so everything turned out great! the baptism was so speacial. a little hectic cause the bishop forgot. oh well. she got baptize and made that covenant with the lord and thats all that matters. then later that night we stopped at our investigators house...theyve been struggling a bit and they were like when are we getting baptized and were like when you come to church!! needless to say they were there the next day. such a great and successfull week. i hope more is to come!! thanks for all the prayers and support! love you guys! have a great week.
sister butcherite

lol tucson

sis call<3

funnnnnn baptism!

little boy that looks like ryder. so cute!

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