Monday, October 21, 2013

LOL, How hard is missionary work?

so this week was...interesting. on monday i got some new clothes with the money from birthday! so fun. thank you grandparents butcherite and granny. then since it was really pretty outside we played pday sports outside. the elders dont think the sister can play so like me and sister call just ran around the field acting like idiots "OMG GUYS PASS THE BALL OVER HERE! LOL HEEYYYY IM OPEN!!" yeah, they never passed it. then for dinner we went out to a legit mexican place. way gooooood. on tuesday we pretty much had appointments all day which was great. we went knocking and knocked into a members house and since i dont really know all the members i like give the whole presentation and shes like "well weve been mormon for generations but like okay" and im just like -___________- EMBARRASSING! that night we went to see our investigator who dropped thier baptism and they are still ON they want to continue but just have to get things figured out. the ward is great and so supportive though. then on wednesday we had distict meeting and nothing too special. lol missionary work same ol same ol. then thursday was literally an aweful day. we went to like 7 houses all over the area and NO ONE WAS HOME!!!! it was so aweful. but it just comes with the job i guess. but that night we went to dinner at our recent converts house and her daughter said to me "when are you and sister call going to teach me about church" SCORE!! shes so cute and sassy and ready for baptism. stoked man. okay now friday. so as missionaries with cars, we are allotted only 1300 miles a month and our area is huge and our stake center is liek 20 miles away so by friday we had 60 miles thats supposed to last till this friday. lol not gonna happen. so we were just like lets walk. okay fun lets do it. so we walk to pats....a like 10 mile walk. it was redddddiiiiculous! we were so pumped at first, by the time we got home my feet were recked. like i think bursted som blood vessels and i have like 7 blisters. fun -_-. then we went to golden corrals for dinner. legit so good. worship. saturday was pretty good! we had a stake service project and we were supposed to clean out a wash....washes are just big long ditches that fill up with water when monsoon season comes because arizona has no irrigation system whatsoever. so we cleaned that up and there was so much hobo stuff and beer bottles. FUN! then there was a bbq afta and we just chilled and had a grand ol time. the weather was beautiful....a nice 85 out. on sunday we walked to church and im like lol my feet hurt but im way tough and cute so i did it. then im at church just talking to this guy and were just chattin and hes like im from lindon and im like oh do you know the nichols (like brandon or brad or brock lol) and hes like i went to school with their oldest brother FUN! and then we was like and brother gabbitas is their uncle. LOL WUT!? I WAS SO STOKED! so we had dinner at their house last night and just talked about all the fun connections. the nichols told me that she had a brother in tucson but i was like lol k ill never meet him and ive been in the same ward for 5 weeks. mormon connections are the best. k anyways i gotta go. the work is still slow but progressing. we are working and tryin our hardest. have a great week and talk to someone new about the gospel! everyone! lets do this, 1 person by christmas! have a great week. love you allllllllllll!

gabbatis family aka nichols uncle aka such a fun family love them

golden corral had COTTON CANDY. sweet. lol elder porter looks like hes 12

i traded a bom for this cross. lol charity right

the start of the walk...that smile was not there at the end

lol look at these fun glasses

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