Monday, October 14, 2013


so this weeek suckkkkkkedddd! the below picture basically sums everything up. so on monday night we go over to the family that was getting baptized this week. right when we get there they are sitting outside and i can already tell that something isnt right. welllll, i was correct. she comes up to us and tells us that she had started smoking again and doesnt want to get baptized unworthy, which is great, but just sad. also the son told us that he had a dream that his grandpa told him he cant trust mormons. so hes done 4ever. THAT SUXXXX. so basically we just went home and cried it was aweful. we are going to visit them for the first time tonight to see where they are at with everything so hopefully it will go good. on tuesday we were able to get a ton of music burnt onto cds so we have all the fun church music and DINSSSSNEY lol hey wassup, lil mermaid. also that night we went to an activity day girls thing to show our talents. needless to say i have little talent so i just braided the girls hairs. FUN! on wednesday we had a huge zone training and then me and sis call had to go to the car place to get an estimate on the damage....almost $3000 in damages! DANNNNG. that night we went on exchanges and i was in the area and an asian sister came here. lol soooo fun i love her! also that day was cold! like 70's and beautiful. i loved it. so excited for the winter months to come. on friday we went to do alot of finding because we literally have like 0 investigators and need a fresh batch. but missionary work isnt easy so we found approximately zerrrrrrooooo. yayayayya! -____- but then we found some mormons at a gas station so like, that was fun. on saturday we met with alot of less actives, because thats all that we can do at this point. then we went to dinner and the family was playing just dance 4 and guys what they were dancing tooooo? lol one direction! i needed that real bad. i luv them. omg jk im a missionary. yesturday was great because church>>> so its like fast and testimony meeting right and this like 3 year old boy gets up and is like "i would like to bare my testimony on tithing. i know that its true because i prayed to heavely father and the holy ghost gave me a warm feeling. tithing is true. i would also like to bare my testimony on resurrection. in the name of jesus christ amen." LIKE WHAT?! i didnt even know what resurrection was until like june. this kid blew my mind. then we had a great mexican fiesta for dinner. omg guys this week was the worst when it comes to missionary work! pray for people that we can find. we need all the prayers we can get! i love you all and miss you like nobodys biznas! have a great week!
xoxo sista b
this week was like this

happy 4 months to usssss. cake lol

look how cold! praises

so hood in a leather robe

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