Monday, August 12, 2013

Sorry I'm so attractive!

HEYYYYY YOUUU GUYSSS! omg lol. so i made sure to write down the things that i did this week in my planner so i wouldnt forget what happened. on wednesday we had a zone meeting and we got to meet everyone in the zone that was new and stuff. we played a game to get to know eachother where you say something exciting youve done in your life that no one else probably have....mine was that i worked at the MTC. seriously, PARENTS! thanks for taking me to do cool things. now all the elders and sisters think im dumb and boring -__-. but then we went out to lunch at a chuck e cheese place. omg i wanted to play all the games but were not allowed. later that day me and sister halllett went out tracting. we used a new approach when we knock on the door we ask the people if we can say a prayer with them to bless their home. the second door we knocked on was a really nice girl and she LOVED it! i said the sickest prayer and you could feel the spirit so strong. she said that she would love to have us come back and teach her. we were supposed to go over there yesturday, and when i called she said "I WAS HOPING YOU GUYS WOULD CALL" but she couldnt make it because her sun was going to a birthday party. we will meet next week. thursday was awefullllll. i think i got dehydrated because my stomach...and other unmentionables was not doing so good. we were out in the sun for like 2 hours and i just didnt have enough water. arizona water is so gross so i dont wanna drink it and when we get fresh water it gets hot in like 20 minutes. isssues. so i was feeling really sick on that night, so we got to go home early and i was in bed by 9. HOLLAAAA! so tight. on friday i was still having digestive and toilet issues but it didnt stop me from the work. im such a boss. but we didnt do anything too special. we helped a lady in our ward move and met with one of our investigators....who only wanted to talk about polugamy. i think we said 5 words the whole lesson. it was the worst. we probs gonna drop him because were not to sure how good his intentions are. on saturday we had a hard time getting into peoples houses to teach, so that just means alot more tracting and a lot more time in the sun. im really working on my shoe tan line. theyre gonna be dope. once again we had to talk about plural marriage. i dont really know how to respond to things like that...."it was a commandment from god then and thats my understanding.  now go read the book of mormon" thats what i say. OMG MOM GUESS WHAT?! i had to give a talk on sunday too! so fun we are the best. i talked on listening to the holy ghost. i told them how dad used to tell me how i need to make a deal with the holy ghost when it came to studying for tests like "okay holy ghost ima try and study all the material as best i can and then when im taking the test you gots to help a sista out!" it wasnt bad. i wasnt even nervous! then that night we were going to meet with the girls and there were some men outside playing basketball and one of the mexicans was like "OH HEY GURL YOURE LOOKIN NICE" to me and i was like wellll thank you kind sir and then sis hallett made us go talk to them...heres the convo
us: would any of you be interested in learning more about jesus christ and his teachings
mexican: are you gonna be ther (pointing to me)
me: lol yeah
mexican: then yeah ill listen
sis hallett: well if youre going to act like that then we would get some elders to teach you
mexican: nevermind then
LOL!!! im so cute. sorry not sorry. we had a lot of pie for dinner that night. way good. but yeah our investigators arent progressing as much as we would like. probs gonna have to drop some. one has a date for aug 31 but he didnt come to church but then he texted us and was like sorry i didnt come to church, i told my boss i need to go next week because i need to get baptized. love him
okay well i gotta go email some other homies. love you have a good week!
sista b

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