Monday, August 19, 2013

Maggots lol!

helllllllllloooo!! lol hi how is it going with everyone. that is not a rhetorical question. if youre reading this, write me. lol okay? jk you dont really have to but if you do i WILL write you back! promise. anyways this week went by so fast but at the same time it seems like forever since the last pday. we had zone conference this week which was the biggest event of the week. on tuesday we practiced singing a musical number. it was pretty aweful and teh elders in my zone suck a lot at singing. SO FUN! we met with some of our investigators that arent really keeping committments so we dont know if they are willing to change but we keep prayin for them ya know! zone conference was way too legit, love it! i love getting together with other missionaries. its like lol such a good time. so there are alot of new things that are coming along with missionary work. we are getting ipads soo. too pumped for that! and we get to go on our own personal page and post stuff about missionary work! what?! the prophet and apostles are so inspired because i know that i was literally on facebook or twitter or whatever all day everyday. these men know whats up! also, the president was telling us how people in japan are using skype to give lessons to their investigators. way tight. it just makes sense that missionary work would be keeping up with the technology of the world. its so exciting. so im thinking that i should be getting an ipad by the end of the year. lol HIT ME UP ON FACEBOOK GUYS! also there has been some wardrobe changes. the elders are allowed to wear khakis now. HOLLAAA, they are looking so...fine! lol sorry but im allowed to think the elders look cute. and they do. dont strike me down, plz lord. also, we are not allowed to wear back packs anymore which is fine with me because i dont have one, but 99% of the elders wear them, theyre pretty upset about that one. so those are the new updates in the missionary world. after the zone conference we went on exchanges and i went to sahaurita with sister stratton who i came out with so it was super fun! shes having a really hard time with her comp so im so blessed to have a normal comp lol who doesnt fight with me. we did alot of service for the ward members together. we helped an old lady sort through 324 albums that she had from like 1930s it was fun and she was so nice. she added me on FB so i got to see my page and lol SORRY GUYS THAT I DONT SPEEL THAT WELL. do you want a long email? then im gonna have to type fast and misspell alot of word. GET OVER IT, MOM! then.....we cleaned a ladys kitchen. i swear to you that a dish hadnt been done in 3 months. maggots...MAGGOTS!!! ugh im gonna throw up just thinking about it. they had 11 dogs so like the whole time it smelt like i was inhaling dog breath and feces. ew! but it felt good to do her some service. we were there for 3 hours and got the kitchen done. the whole time i was thinking, "i deserve a really good, hot husband when i get back." lol right? saturday and sunday were stake conference and it was good. talked alot about member missionary work! hasten the work you guys, and do all you can to spread the gospel. i know youve got it in you! okay well i have like 7 minutes gotta head out. were going bowling weeeeeeeeeeee! k see ya.
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