Monday, October 27, 2014

meet those mormons

okay wussssup. this week was unreal. like so decent and fun. on monday after we emailed, only a few missionaries went to 6 elders and 4 sisters. so we just played basketball for 3 hours. fun!!! the last game i really just wanted to play boys v girls, so thats what we did. sis ballard is a baller too so we were doing pretty good. then we were losing. then michael jordans spirit came to me and i hit 3 three pointers in a row and ballard made the game winning shot!!! omg it was so exciting. for the rest of the week i texted the elders, "ummmm so who won that game on monday...i keep forgetting." im the most immature and fun! then that night i forgot the phone at the stake center so it was a fun adventure looking for that. omg zealley said the funniest thing that night. so here we are walking out of dinner at night and this couple comes around the corner and its someone from the ward and theyre like "i thought that was the sisters" and zealley was like "hahah yeah whol else walks around at night in skirts...except prostitutes i guess." they were like uhhhh. and i was like LOLOLOLOL ROFLLLL!!! so funny. tuesday was a good day. we tracted into an excommunicated member....she was super nice and totally understanding of why things happened the way they did. some people can be really bitter towards the church because of their mistakes but she wasnt. that was cool. then we went and visited a mom and her daughter that are getting back into activity. they are so nice! the girl is my age and we be talking and she tells us bout her was complete girl talk from that time on, then we shared a good message. they will be considered "reactivated" by the end of next month. exciting. lets not forget that reactivation is just as important as baptisms! dinner cancelled that night :( so we burritos from a little whole in the wall place! fun. wednesday was the most fun! i had my last zone conference of my mission. we were able to see meet the mormons! it was so good! i loved it! i loved all the stories and how they portrayed that mormons are really just normal people with normal lives and how much our savior jesus christ has influenced their lives. i encourage all of you to go see it and invite non members to see it as well. we also had to get flu shots -_________- a lot of the conference was talking about conversion and how we can make sure that our investigators are truly converted. how do you know you are converted to the gospel of jesus christ? does it show through your actions, words and deed?  that night after dinner we were driving to see a less active, heather, and on the way we run over this unreal, huge, rattle snake! i was like "TURN AROUND SISTER WE ARE GETTING THAT." So after running it over 20 more times we cut off the head and took it to heathers. sister ballard came over and skinned it for us. we have the skin and we are gonna hang it on our wall!!! we are soooo fun!! ive been in az for 17 months and now i can come home proud hahahah rattle snake. thursday morning we went over to an old ladies house and pulled weeds. omg my legs and butt have been sore for days. we tracted that day and had ward coorelation. i love the ward missionaries and our ward mission leader so much. we keep it real....and focused on the work of course. on friday we met with our investigator sandy and read form the book of mormon. she is doing good and will probably not get baptized until after i go home...but its been good to see her progress. saturday was the funnest! so sister zealley and sister ballard served in this city called clifton arizona and they have this ward member who loves to come visit them and take them out to a meal. he took me and lovell out one time when we were together. so he planned to come for lunch and will you just guess what he brought us...just guess. okay. HE BROUGHT US FREAKIN CAFE RIO!!! are you kidding me? it was like mana in my mouth! soooo good. i love this man. ughhhh so good!!! i could barely eat dinner because i was so full but soooo worth it. we went to a families house that night and the 12 year old needed help on his i kinda just wrote it for him or something. its fine. he contributed. sunday was a good church day. someone invited a non member to church...and they actually came!! it was real goood. we went to visit a less active 15 year old after that and she had one of those babies that you get from school so sis zealley was all about it and cuddled it the whole night. i guess since we cant hold real babies its fine. so i just wanted to share some things i learned from the continuous atonement this week. his last chapter was about how its okay that we sin and life isnt meant to be all peaches and cream. we all make mistakes you guys...whats important is that we dont just forget about them but that we learn from them and grow to be better and more improved human beings. lemme share a cute little quote from my favorite cute prophet gordon b. hinkley"
"Arent you glad it isnt fun all the time? the valleys of discouragement make more beautiful the peaks of achievement." 
okay i love you guys! have a great week!!! 
sista b

skunk on the side of the road. lol smelly.

elder flake is fun

lol snake

snake head

the guts ima bout to eat lol i didnt even eat it you guys

will you just take a look at that tan line rainbow

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