Monday, October 13, 2014


oh hey wuddddddup!!! i hope you guys had a great week this last week. this week was better for me! on monday it was a such a fun time at pday sports. we played all the games. first we started with bumb/ idk what people call it anymore. the zone leader said whoever wins would get to pick the next game so loooolllololol it was down to me and an elder and i got him. i win holler! so of course im like "we about to balllll". we played basketball for about an hour after than. then president came to play with us and i was like what the?! but i was just my regular irreverent, crazy, wild self and im sure he was like smh at sista b. hahah!!! we played 4 square (i suck at that), volley ball and dodge ball. once i get hit in dodge ball i just sit for the rest of the game. home girl is not tryna get hit multiple times. after pday sports we had a good dinner and then i was determined to go to our investigators house that said he didnt like me and figure out what the heck was up!!! we got there and i was like "enoch, im sorry if i offended you, was there something i did?" he said that i was smart with him on the phone but i wasnt!!! i was asking him a legit question. he said that it wasnt a big deal and that he wanted to continue studying and was excited for us to come back and see him. soooo that whole ordeal was over. on tuesday we had an appointment with sandy but we walked there so we got way tan and my feet hurt but it was good. we read joseph smith history and the story about how he saw the angel moroni and then the next day he was totally exhausted. sister zeally related that to how our spirits need to be worked out and how after we have big spiritual experience we are really tired. i thought that was so true!!! i remember how at the beginning of my mission i was so freakin tired alll the was because i wasnt used to feelin/using the spirit so much. now my spirit is strong because i work it out all day. i havent fallen asleep during personal study in months!!! make sure you guys work out your spirits daily so it grows big and strong. that night we saw a man named larry. this guy is AMAZING. him and his wife adopt physically and mentally challenge children that dont have a home. theyve home more than 31 kids. even after his wife left him he continued to foster these kids. he has about 7 living with him right now. ive never been around a more selfless, loving man in my life. it must be so hard. then after dinner we saw another less active named aaron. he is so fun and has such a strong testimony but just wont come to church!! dang. on wednesday we had zone meeting which was good. we talked all about working with members and how they help so much in the work. guys, go find the misisonaries and ask who their teaching and how you can help them! lol feed them too. sister zeally had to give her  "dying" testimony. that kinda freaked me out because the next people giving their dying testimony will be ME!! lol idk what to say. we had dinner at the cutest little families house. their house had such a comfortable spirit in it. being a missionary i can definitely tell the difference between homes that have the spirit and homes that dont. make sure your home is a place that the spirit lives! thursday morning we went tracting. lol i love tracting and meeting the weirdest people. one drunk man and one man that told us the rapture was coming. so fun!!!! it was raining so hard that day i loved it!!! we met with one of our recent converts named lesa and she is great and loves the church but has to work so much so thats not so fun. on friday we were able to teach a group of 8 little kids about the plan of salvation. they loved it!!! i think kids love it so much because they remember it just a little more than adults do. we saw an old less active after that and she taught us some different patterns for that is def a habit i will be picking up when i get home. we went to go see sheryl that night but she had just gotten off working a 12 hour shift and told us to come back next week. DANG!!! we saw doug instead and he showed us home pictures. we had service after that, helping a family clean their house. i love service! on saturday sister zeally went to give blood, but i couldnt  because i had just given the month before. we had to finish weekly planning. OMG I WILL NEVER MISS WEEKLY PLANNING!!! we saw sami after. she is so cute and loves the gospel but like any 9 year old little girl...she is afraid to come to church alone. we just need more little fellowshippers for her! our dinner apt was so fun. this family loves missionaries so we were there for like 3 hours talking about the mission and good stuff like that. sunday i was finally able to meet the ward. they seem like a good group of people. 230821089 pregnant woman. so thats fun. it was fast sunday and i couldnt wait for dinner. we saw another one of our investigators last night who have been taking the lessons forever!!! we have a lot of people who like to listen to the message but are not progressing. its kinda frustrating. i think heavenly father is trying to teach me patience right now more than ever!!!! its okay. i can be patient. oh yeah yesturday i celebrated my 16  month mark!!! 2 months. 2 MONTHS....thats so crazy. im excited but still have so much to learn and grow and people to help. im reading the continuous atonement by brad wilcox and it is SO GOOD. jesus christ loves us and he came to earth to save us from our sins. accept his atonement and he can make all the difference in our lives. love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!
sista b

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