Monday, October 20, 2014


hey family and friend!!! ugh i swear each week it feels like i just emailed you guys and dont have that much to say. also, i think im getting lazy about writing. omg guys give me a break...ive written like 60 emails and theyve been pretty good lengthy ones. okay here we go. so on monday we had pday sports and it was pretty dang fun. we went to a park and played ulitmate frisbee and football and kickball. i loved it!!! we got to frolick around the field and be in the sun. ima have skin cancer when i get home probs. lol yolo...the resurrection is real. then we had a yummy waffle dinner. OH AND WE GOT FREE PIZZA FOR LUNCH. thats wassup. on tuesday we went out and walked to see some people but no one was home. so we just walked and talked to those who were chillin outside. im a sweaty mess by the time we get home so i lay over the AC vent and take a nap. tight. we saw doug and he showed us some of his anime characters and chose which one i was. idk who it was but i owned a dragon!! get at me. we saw our investigator enoch, the one thats not diggin on me, and we taught him about the word of wisdom and how much it would bless him and his response was "yeah, i don think i wanna do that. i like to drink and smoke." ummmmm okay we will pray that you get the desire. then we saw one of my favorite less acitves aaron. he has a autistic grandson who just gets 1 inch from your face a screams. i love it!!! wednesday we had distict meeting and me and sister zealley were incharged of giving a training on introducing scriptures so we decided that we would have every companionship make a "movie trailer" of their favorite book of mormon story. omg lol it was so fun. we are the funnest. we did ours on nephi getting the brass plates. it was our district leaders birthday that day too so we went to golden corral for lunch. i got chocolate all over my skirt -_________- so we hada go home and change lol im a mess. after dinner we saw heather and she is so fun. i swear i am a 15 year old girl at heart because i just connect with the youth so much. ima be the best YW president one day because we are just gonna talk about boys and one direction. fun! thursday we walked in the morning for like 3 hours before we saw a lady from the ward...get this. shes a mormon and a 7th day Adventist. lol is that legal? i guess. then we saw sami....its kind of sad because she loves hearing the lessons and having us come over but she told us the other day that she doesnt want to come to church with us :( we told her to pray an ask heavenly father what she needs to do. hopefully the spirit will speak to her. we had a coorelation with our ward mission leader that night and we both agree that we need to drop a lot of our investigators because truthfully they arent quite ready for the gospel and the covenant of baptism. we will see how it goes this next week. friday we had weekly planning -_______- 8 more. only 8. then our dinner cancelled....20 minutes before dinner. so me and zealley just got some pizza. WE LOVE PIZZA! that night a sister in our zone needed a blessing so we went with her and some elders to get it hahahah she got a blessing for her trunkiness because she goes home in 3 weeks. lol i might need one soon. I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH AND MISS YOU!!!! is that so bad! no. saturday was fun! in the morning we had a service project as a ward and went to clean up a nonmembers house that said we could. his yard was a mess and we got everything cleared in about and hour and a half. it looked beautiful. it really shows the community that we are a religion that lives our faith, "by their fruits, ye shall know them." our fruits are pretty dang tasty. then that afternoon we went on some splits with some sisters because sister winkler has bronchitis! so i stayed with her while zeally and the other sister did some missionary work. my poor sick. but we just talked and talked for 3 hours. until she got a blessing by our zone leaders. PRIESTHOOD IS THE BEST! that night we went to visit our investigator marissa and read some scriptures with her. she is really great but just works every sunday unless she fakes sick! dang. okay sunday was legit. we had church which was great. then for lunch we went to a members house and they live in a freakin airplane hanger!!! like there were 4 little airplanes all around their house. i hafta take pics next time i go over. then we went to a stake activity for the kids in mission prep. we had a little training from president passey about extending invitations to everyone. nothing happens in missionary work until we extend an invite!!! inviting is success. i got to go on splits with this girl who is 17. it was fun! i took her to meet our grump less active bill. he was a treat for her lol jk he said he was perfect and didnt need the sacrament. okay bill. it was a really great night and we talked a lot about the older missionaries and what advice we can give to the prospective missionaries. i said 2 things. 1: remember whos work you are doing. i love my mission and have grown so much personally from it. but it isnt for me. i am doing the lords work which is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. be as selfless as you can. 2: learn to lean on the savior and be his bestie. i am still reading the continuous atonement and this week i read about his love for us. brad wilcox talks about how heavenly father can never NOT love us. he is bound to love us. it is unconditional. the atonement allows us to feel and access this love fully. i have grown closer to the savior than ever serving for his church. go on a mission people. its great! we went on a hike this morning and i complained the whole time. fun!!!! OKAY LOVE YOU!!!! have a great week.
sista b

ummm yeah...kitties chillin in a truck.

just frolicking in a baseball field 

if you put grapes in your upper lip you look so hot

hikes suck so we take pics under the bridge

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