Monday, November 3, 2014

spooktacular week

lol that was pretty stupid but oh well. okay btw this keyboard sucks so if im missing letters all over the place im sorry. nothing really happened on monday besides sports and dinner. i was ballin doe. on tuesday we went out walking in the morning because its was still rediculously hot out. but this morning it was acually cold 50. i was like oh hey. we saw our investigator april who is like super mom and always on the go and doing something while we are there. we might be dropping her because she never has time to meet or sit down and talk with us. booooo. we just need some more super moms from the ward to fellowship her! we saw dougie boy that afternoon and he got a new asain game or something so he was all about showing us whats up with it. that was fun. before dinner we went off to see sami our 9 year old investigator. she still dont want to come to church so she might be dropped too. AND THEN WE DROPPED ENOCH!!! hes not interested in changing and just wants to talk with needless to say we kinda cleaned up shop. its so sad when missionaries lose investigators because we want so badly for them to recieve the blessings of the gospel but they arent having it! cmon people. agency tellin ya. on wednesday we had a good district meeting on having dinner with members and how we can strengthen them during that time. okay guys just a word of advice: please actually have conversation with the missionaries when they are at your house. it is one of the most awkward things in the world when all you hear at the dinner table is the utensils clinking. even i you hafta bring up awful missionary then after lunch we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. i went with sis barnes to her area in a really ritzy area of tucson. after dinner we were able to go to young womans and see some members from my old area. the gabitas family! omg they remembered me and it was sooo good to see them and reminisce. thursday day we went to go visit some people that i dont really know hahah but it was good to talk to them. isnt it fun how the gospel applies to everyone and can help them no matter what their situation is. i love it! when we exchanged back later that night we went to the ward trunk or treat! omg it was so fun and there was a great turn out. i cant wait to have a cute little family and dress them up and take all the pictures. oh its gonna be great. april and all 6 of her kids were able to come to and trunk or treat so that was great. we just kinda walked around and picked out the candy that we wanted. then after that we went to the sisters house and carved pumpkins...ugh mine started to fall apart but you can still read it says ctr...because choose the right. friday we saw the cutest old lady who is less active but we are still working on that. we had weekly planning and then a family took us out to pizza for dinner. normally on halloween missioanries are supposed to go home early so no mischief can come about but president told us that we should try to go out. so we just went to a members house and watched the priesthood session of general conference. i loved it! president uchtdorf telling ya im not trying to have favorites but he just knows what to say! i loved his talk...go read it. it was about looking at our selves and not pointing fingers at anyone else. thats a pretty big lesson that i have learned on m mission. it is not our responisibiliy to judge anyone because we dont know their life or circumstance. lets just be concerned on our imperfections and how we can be perfected through christ. saturday was the funnest because we spent the whole day with our district. in the morning we went on a blitz in the sister area which was just a lot of knocking and trying former investigators. then we all went to the new mcdonalds. probably the biggest thing to hit marana since sliced bread. after lunch we volunteered at a carnival and me and sister ballard made sure that the kids didnt go crazy in the bounce house. we controlled the situation real good. i love sister ballard so freakin much. we are one. none of us had dinner that night so we went to classy. finally, that night we had stake conference. it was all about hastening the work so i luved it!!! yesturday was stake conference again and we sang in the choir hahaha idk even why because i hate choir. but it was fun. this sake conference was really special because it was broadcasted from salt lake city. president uchtdorf spoke. holler! did you know that he took out his own endownments is the mesa temple. fun! i learned so much this week because im reading the infinite atonement. its so interesting! did you know that earth was close to kolob but then it fell when adam did. omg its great. also plants get resurrected. and purdy too. okay i love you guys too much! i will probs not talk to you till next wedesday because its transfers and then its vetrans day on tuesday so yaaaaa.
sista b

we be mini mice

some of the cute costumes of the ward

with a knight wut

ima fighter and thats a sword

bouncy house bouncers lolololol
that one time we got cafe rio

headed to stake conference

spooky tree with a huge bees nest in it

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