Monday, April 21, 2014

Because of HIM!

howdy everyone. ugh i hate how country i am getting. lovell loves the gospel country music and everyone here is just so like lol country. its okay. we get to wash a horse this week so its fine. this week has just been so good! ive been happier than ive been in weeks!!! a fun, hardworking comp really makes all the differences in missionary work. on wednesday we went to zone meeting and got to know that other people in the zone. we had to answer a question about our comp, it was "if your comp was any pokemon who would they be?" so sis lovell gets up there and shes all excited and i know shes gonna say something embarrassing. "if sister butcherite was a pokemon she would be ninetails (see pic) because shes got lucious locks and shes a fox!" im just like ohhhhhh lovey!!! everyone laughed...either because they agree or they disagree but im just gonna think they agree. so funny. that day we went to work meeting the auxilary leaders and what not. lovell is such a people person! i love it. we talk with everyone and they dont wanna listen but its still great. on thursday we spent most of the day outside tracting and contacting people. im getting some really good tanline and its getting freakin hot out -______- hate the heat. we had dinner with the oversons that night and had a great lesson about how the gospel has blessed their lives. i love to see the positive changes it has on people! me and lovey did a fast that day that we would find a new investigators (since all of ours are avoiding us like a ex girlfriend). we had a high goal of 3 news and after all the work we put in we didnt find a single one. but we KNOW that if we show the lord that we are doing all we can he will help us out in his own timing. friday we had lunch with some of lovells recent converts from clifton. it was fun to see them and hear how much they adore the lovester. lol so many nicknames for her. then we weekly planned and went out for the day. saturday was good because our elders had a baptism! of course they were unorganized and didnt have the white jumpsuits so it was 30 minutes behind schedule. but there was cake at the end so it was all worth it. LOLOMGJK! The baptism was great! its fun to see the success of other missionaries. that night we went to a recent convert family and after our lessons we dyed easter eggs! and they gave us easter baskets! it was so darn tender. i love that family. sunday was great. good programs in both of the wards. i dont think lovell knows how to cope with 9 hours of church. im an old pro by now. CHURCH ALL DAY EVERYDAY. it was so great to hear the talks on the resurrection and the hope and peace it can give us in all aspects of life. we had a great dinner at some members house: turkey, funeral potatoes, and salad! i cant wait to treat the missionaries when i get home because i know how much it means to me. LOL #feedthemissionaries. this morning me and sis lovell went on a hike...just the 2 of us. so presh. its getting freaking hot early and i sweat like a hog so its swell. im so excited for this transfer and hope we can stay together for 2. we have so much fun and stay up too late talking and giggling. im tired all the time because of that girl (she makes us wake up at 6:10 and go running. maybe the mission weight will shed lol) but its worth it! i love you all too much! thanks for all the support and love. sending my love from the hottest place ever!!! pray for my soul. have a great week. 3 weeks till skype mom LOVE YOU GUYS!

i hope you were all able to watch this video. ive seen it a bajillion times maybe. its so great!!! i love the baby in it.

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