Saturday, January 18, 2014

get work done!

yesss this week was good! we had alot of success! ugh i am so lazy to write this letter right now, but i know that like everyone looks so forward to reading them everyweek that i shall try my best to be do it justice. okay so like on tuesday we had a zone training from president and the aps. it was really good. focused on working with investigator and finding new people to teach. TALK WITH EVERYONE was used alot but like its so scary and like there are alot of mexican people in my area. i love the mexicans but like no habla espanole. so i guess i will just follow the spirit. OR the spirit can give me the gift of tongues to talk with them. we will see. if i write my whole email in spanish next week it worked. omg that was just the stupidest tangent i just went off on. then on wednesday we went out as a zone to one of our elders area to kinda attack it all at once. it was pretty good. we just knocked a whole neighborhood, but really no bites. then we all went out to in-n-out which was way good. after we had a few real good lessons with our recent converts and dinner at a fun young couples house. they both served missions and they waited for eachother and their story is so cute. ugh romance is the worst on the mission but like oh well i embrace it so im not awkward when i get home. then that night we had the best lessson with our 2 new investigators. they really felt the spirit and were all about the book of mormon to see if it was true. we even extended a baptismal date which is awesome. was on such a spiritual high after that. on thursday we went to old tucson, a place out in the middle of now where in our area. its a lot of retirement trailer parks and old scary houses. so its like in the desert and i see this road and im like cool lets thing you know my wheels are spining and going deeper and deeper into the sand. lol i drove into a wash!!! i was so scared that we were gonna get in trouble and hafta call someone, but i manned up got outta the car and pushed while sister evans "rocked the car". phew we made it! lol ooops. then that afternoon we were FINALLY able to see our 9 year old to teach her. it had been like almost 3 weeks because they were on vacation. it was so good to see her again. shes still so pumped to get baptized! that night we had dinner at our recent convert families house and their son just got outta jail and unknown to us is already a member! we are working with him as well and my mission is to get him to the ysa and find a nice mormon girl to keep him outta trouble!  on friday we didnt really do anyting too exciting. we planned for the week and had like the best soup of my life at dinner. the husband made it and i was like "ummm i need a husband that can cook like this plz". also that day president killpack told us that elder holland wasnt going to be able to make it to the conference but that we were still gonnna go to pheonix. sad but still exciting. so on saturday morning we all left for pheonix in super nice tour buses. its so much nicer and greener up there thatn in tucson.....but i love being in a place that is different looking. we got there and there was us the pheonix mission and the tempe mission! so many missionaries and fun to see us all together. elder wright from the seventy came and spoke to us and it was really good. he even played a clip from elder holland! so fun! it was really good and got me pumped! on sunday we had church and our recent converts passed the sacrament. they were so nervous but did so good. they even got all of their family to come! his parents said that they are interested in learning more!! score. i love it when that happens. then we had dinner and visited a couple of families and it was off to bed. today is the last pday of the transfer so of course i had to finish it off with a hike. it was fun, so dangerous though. mom you would yell at all the elders who take me on the horribly sketchy hikes. i didnt fall but as i was sliding down one of the rocks, my pants split wide open!!! lol good thing i had a sweatshirt to cover it up. im probably gonna get transferred but i am going to miss the west so much! i love everyone here and they truly have taken me in as family. its amazing how heavely father is so inspired. i hate arizona but i love my mission and wouldnt want to be anyother place. duces family and friends i love you all!!!
sister b
ps here are some pics from the past week and hikes i look aweful and i cant believe i let people see me like this but whatever!
cool little rock home
me and elda pace
seriously how precious are my zone leaders
whole zone hike from a couple of weeks ago. i loook so pretty lol -__-
hot cocoa at the top!

catholic mass lol

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