Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm a Momma!

hello hello hello!!! how was everyones week? i hope just amazing! this week was pretty crazy but i loved it. on tuesday we had exchanges and i went with sister munn. shes such a great missionary and TALKS WITH EVERYONE...i mean everyone. we would be driving down the road and she says stop! and rolls down the window and talks to the person on the street. lol so awkward. but we did get a new investigator that day which is awesome. it was a great day and learning experience. then on wednesday we had our last zone meeting. wahhhh i love the west. then after a couple of appointments we had dinner and that night we went to bed early because thursday was TEMPLE DAY! we left bright and early headed towards the gila valley. the car ride was so fun. we took the huge van that the mission owns and it was all sisters and the zone leaders. we just gossiped and i bet the elders loved it! the temple was so great. i just love being there and when i feel how strong the spirit is it gives me motivation to get out there and convert all the people because i want everyone to feel this peace! you feel me homie!? then after we went out to get some mexican food and shopped around. the gilla valley is alotta mormons so the misssionaris get like 50% off anywhere you go. so tight. by the time we got home is was time to go to dinner and the day was almost done. but it was a great day and i love the temple...wish we could go more often. then on friday i was feeling SO sick. real bad soar through and snot lol. so we weekly planned and i slept but we still got out there and walked to dinner. haha we walked because we are out of our alotted miles for the month. oops. on saturday we had a great day planned. we helped some members move...they have the cutest baby and it takes every bit of me not to pick her up. then we had a lesson with our new investigator and he accepted a baptismal date which was awesome. then after luch we had a couple more lessons then we went to our district leaders area and pass out muffins to people at the park. which we quickly came to realize is way creepy so we just drew the plan of salvation on the ground haha. love it! on sunday i was totally nervous all day because it was the night we recieved transfer calls. it was 8:53 and the phone rang.....
sister evans: hello this is sister evans, we are on speaker
president: hello sisters, are you ready for the transfer news
us: lol duh
prez: well sister butcherite you are being transferred to the rincon zone covering the cieniga AND corona ward. and we would like you to train a new sister missionary
me: lol do you think i can do that...wait. dont play with me prez
prez: youll do great!
oomg so here i am with my new little baby missionary, white washing an area that neither of us have been in AND convering 2 wards. omg this will be so fun! im excited for this new adventure and hope that i can be the best trainer EVER! send those prayers my way! ill let you know how it goes next week! be good and be happy! love you
sista b
Sister Evans & I
 The sisters!

last day at morning sports....how sick are our shirts!

Elda Pace

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