Monday, November 10, 2014

seeeee ya zealley!!!!

okay ima just say this right now...having a companion that goes home 5 week before you do is just TORTURE! oh man im trunky but its okay because i know that there is a lot more work that i can do in these next 35 days. focus butcherite! okay lol lets see what happened this week. oh yeah on monday we had zone olympics. district vs district. we play volleyball, basketball, minute to win it games, soccer and had a relay race. it was really fun!!! we tied for second. we got zone shirts too and sis reeves drew all of the people in the zone as cartoons...i look so sassy. am i that sassy? i mean i just tell it how it is? sis zealley lost the phone that night so after dinner we were on a man hunt to find that thing!! but we didnt-_____- we met up at the stake center for exchanges. sis brown came with me to avra valley. the next morning we went to ASL class to learn how to teach the gospel in sign language. fun! then we all went to taco bell for lunch. we had to go to the mission office to get a new replacement phone which is awful and stupid and i dont like it. lol. we saw doug and he showed us all the toys he wanted in the target christmas magazine. fun! omg then MIRACLE!!! i had been looking through the area book and found a record for a snowbird couple that had been taking the lessons but went back to indiana in april but would be back in october, and when we went to try them they were back and were interested in continuing to learn!!! so fun!!! they are so cute and old. at dinner the kids were on one! im telling ya sooo funny. the little boy was just going off and talking about dessert. "WE ARE HAVING PUMPKIN SPICE COOKIES FOR DESSERT....AND MY DAD IS 28!" sooo funny...i was dying. on wednesday we had zone training that went forever! we were trained on teaching by the spirit and leaving commitments right when the spirit is the strongest! people do great things when moved upon by the spirit. then we went to village inn for ballard and zealleys last lunch outing. i love wednesday nights because i get to see some of my favorite people. the lavalle kids....they are just a hoot and its almost impossible to get through our lesson. but its fun! i got told multiple times that i wasnt your "average" sister missionary. is that a good thing? i think so. im just sista b!!!! haters gonna hate! then we saw heather. she really confided in us and told us some of her issues that shes having. it made me so happy to know that people can trust in us and know that through christ and his gospel they can be healed. on thursday we met with barbara and john, our new investigators. our WML is really excited about them because he thinks that they are ready to be baptized! he knows them more than i do so i hope something will come from them! on friday we met with our investigator sandy....she is going to talk to her children this weekend about her baptism. but i still dont think it will be until january. so sad that i wont be here to see it. or maybe i will come back! fun!!! that day sister zealley spent most of the afternoon packing while i planned for the next week. TRUNKTRUNKTRUNK!! okay yeah....saturday was another crazy fun day with the district. in the morning we went to our district leaders area to blitz it. then after lunch we visited some people for sister zealley to say goodbye to. our elders had a baptism that we went to that night. it was huge!!! i swear the whole ward went. its so great to see how much fellowshipping and love was shown to that family. its great to see the church grow. lets keep it going. GOOD JOB MOM FOR YOU MISSIONARY EXPERIENCES!!! then that night we to dinner with some less actives in our elders area. its so funny how less actives love the missionaries so much. i guess if they came to church we wouldnt have to visit them so much. we are just so fun! im gonna go less active so i can be bffs with the missionaries. lol JUST KIDDINGGGG!!!! i swear. we got transfer calls that night and sister zealley is being transfered to riverton, utah and its up to her to find her new companion. LOLOLOLOLO AHAHHA AH i died when they told us that. so clever. and im getting sister magneson. she was in my zone this transfer but i didnt talk to her much. she seems fun and chill and has way cute clothes so it should be fun!!! on sunday there was a baby blessing and i just had the biggest revelation. like how great is the priesthood you guys!!!! it is so awesome!!!! i know that it is gods power that is on the earth and not to be like wierd but there is nothing more attractive to me right now than a worthy priesthood holder. just saying. i will definitely not settle for anything less. the priesthood blesses families and homes. thanks to my big bad dad for being so great and being worthy for this calling. use the priesthood! i cant wait tilll my hubs blesses my cute lil babes! eeek. see im trunky. hahahah okay welll thats about it. until next week! have a great one and be good. ctr!
love, sista b

christ IS the answer

west zone homies

lavalle children

apparently that sign means "stay fierce" fun

my girl heather and i

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