Monday, December 8, 2014

ill be home for christmas

lol literally all i wanna do i hold you all in my arms right now. but soon enough!!!! ugh this week was hard! probs that hardest on my mission...just because of me and my thoughts and ahhhhh i want to turn my brain off and just hit cruise control for these next 9 days. too much thinking...i wish i was a boy or something. LOLOLOLOL! so on monday we went to the zoo! it was so fun and i love animals bc theyre cute and they dont judge. right?! then we went to sports but no one was doing anything. seee yaaa!!! after dinner we went to see the burns. they are returning to church! its so great to see less actives come back....its just like baptism! conversion all over again. on tuesday we went to asl class where i learned how to say funeral potatoes and Porto rico in sign language. it would be so fun to contact a deaf person though! we met with sandy that afternoon and read the book of mormon. she is finally out of the Isaiah chapters so we can actually help her understand hahha. we talked more about baptism and she said she is ready to talk to her kids about it! but then she said she is still drinking that coffee. -__________- yeah that has definitely got to get cleared up stat! we walked around and contacted people for a bit but no takers. dang! that night our relief society had a christmas activity. it was really good! talked a lot about baby jesus and him being our gift this christmas. seriously guys, he is the greatest gift that anyone of us can receive. EVER! we wouldnt be able to accomplish much with out him and it all started with his mortal birth...which is why we celebrate this time of year! After wards we saw What a great guy! His autistic son was eating banana peals all night hahahah so funny. Aaron said some really nice things to me that night. Just how I have been able to touch him and his family and that every new missionary that comes into his house gets him one step closer to coming back to church! Just come to church aaron!!! Wednesday we had district meeting and elder merrell gave a good training on “don’t drop the beans”. We have so much potential in this life to do great things and heavenly father knows our eternal possibilities! Don’t drop the beans and discover it! Lol so good! We went to see sami later but she wasn’t home. Lemme tell you this though. The little black girls in that neighborhood love us!!! We gave them a couple book of Mormons and told them to spread the word!! Hahahah theyre cute. After dinner we saw the lavalles. We taught them that contention is of the devil so everytime that they fought we were like “CONTENTION”….el Diablo!!! I think they caught on! Then we went to see heather. Omg I was so emotional that night. Idk why. But we were talking about love and the love that heavenly father has for her and she told us all her feelings and doubt and I just broke down because I love her and I KNOW heavenly father loves her! I just wish everyone could feel his love because if they did then the world wouldn’t be that bad! On Thursday we saw marissa and we talked about her getting baptism! She said she is so down to get baptized but that she wants her son to do it…he lives in Utah! so maybe we can get something to happen soon! that would be a christmas miracle. we also saw doug that day and he showed us all the characters in the power ranger show. friday we went and gave service to the old couple in my ward that remind me of my mom and dad. lol they are so funny and me and mags just laugh all the time at how they talk to each other. then we weekly planned (last one EVER) and saw the frosts that night. they are going on a cruise for christmas! fun. okay now saturday was the funnest day ever. in the morning we went to help dougs mom at a thing where they give out 60lbs of food for 10 bucks. it was a great deal a lot of people got to see us....famous! then we went to a cowboy ranch for the "round up". i wanted to be a real cowboy and castrate a i bucked up and did it!!!! omg it was the grossest most empowering thing of my life. taking man hood from a cow. lol jk. it wasnt that bad. but im a real cow girl now! the video shows it all. after that we had interviews with president passey. it was my final exit interview!!!! crazy. we talked for a long time. i told him about my issues and my freak outs and he was just soooo good as i sat there crying and being dumb. he told me everything i needed to hear and reassured me that nerves are just fine! hes a good guy and i feel privileged to serve with him. on sunday church was real good. at the beginning of sacrament meeting the microphone wasnt wut? but then it turned on right before the sacrament! blessed day. then we helped out in young womens, talking about how the girls can help new members and less actives! be friends!!! we watched the chirstmas trunky for utah. then we went to ward choir because tis the season to sing all the christmas songs! now its all down hill from here you guys! 1 more week to find and teach people the message of the restored gospel. 1 more week to grow spiritually and learn more about my savior and redeemer. 1 more week to explore arizona hahah! 1 more week to miss me! eeeeek i cant believe im coming home! i will write you guys next week. then im outtie for real! have a great week! i love you all.
saguaro national park! fun


ohhhhhh pooor cow

mags branding

after the dirty deed

lol frozen came to arizona i guess. 

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