Monday, December 1, 2014

He knows your heart

okay this week had to be the fastest ever! like ever in the mission. it just went by way to fast! it was a good, hard week though! so monday was pday and we just had sports. our zone isnt too keen on sports so its kinda boring but i get everyone pumped/yell at them till they get up and join! hahah im like hitler and i think some of the elders are legit scared of me. oh well. we had dinner with the best family. the mom is a recent convert and her love and enthusiasm for the gospel is out of this world! i want to grow up and be like her! they were so pumped on missionary work and were like "we are going to invite all of our neighbors to meet with you guys"...ummm yeah okay i LOVE YOU!! i cant wait to be a member missionary when i get home! tuesday we had ASL class in the morning hahah i can teach people the gospel in almost 2 languages. jk i dont even know what im doing half the time, but its fun. that afternoon mags was feeling sick so we came home and she slept and i made soup. cute! im like a mom. then we went to see doug before dinner. omg so there we are and we are lookin though his dragon ball z books, pickin out who were would be if we were on the show, and i just got a promptin like "get to know this kid, who is the man we call doug". no biggie, so i just start asking him question about himself. then BOOM. silence. and he just unloads the biggest stuff about him. it was so special for me. here we are teaching this man about the gospel and heavenly fathers love and we didnt even know his needs. im thankful for the spirit and listening to those promptings because now we will be able to really help him through his struggles. ugh it was awesome! i love this job! we had dinner at one of our ward missionaries house and then after we took their 18 year old son, who is preparing to serve a mission, out with us to see aaron. it was fun because he got to see real life missionary work!! he did really good though and will be a great missionary. i think every future missionary should have to go out with the missionaries to get a real taste! ya feel or wut? on wednesday we had district meeting...elder merrell, ladies and gents, is the best district leader EVER! so we talked about using good language, especially when we teach. so we came up with a list of filler words like "umm, ya know, like, ect" and had to teach a 1 minute principle not using them. omg it was sooo funny! i was being so obnoxious hhahah like everytime some one said one of the words i would be like "STOP!!! START OVER! YOU SAID UM" hhahah i didnt even mess up when it came to my turn though. that night we had dinner with the funnest old couple. omg mom and dad i swear it was you in like 10 years. so im like "can we play a video for you guys?" then the husband is like "of course", then starts the struggle to get the dvd player to work. hahah hes yelling at his wife asking how to work it. she starts complaining that she doesn know then proceeds to dust the tv and dvd player. he like "NANCY, youre in the way. cmon, it doesnt need to be cleaned. i just was like...epiphany....this is my parents. sooo funny! then we saw the lavalle kids, who were just outt control and their hispanic dad yells at them in spanish. so fun!!! on thusday it was thanksgiving!!!! in the morning we joined some elders in playin football. naturally, they passed us the ball in every play and let us be QB. -_________- i touch the ball twice. i suck but like my spiral is pretty decent. we had dinner at the gibsons. i love that family! we helped peel potatoes, then caught marshmallows in our mouths for a solid 30 minutes. dinner was way decent. i missed cookin with you mom! next year, for sure!! then we had dinner number 2 at heathers. it was good, but i was soooo full. we helped cleaned up while listening to christmas music! ugh its christmas time now!! it just keeps me thinking that im gonna be home for christmas!! friday was sooo freakin hot!! like so hot! i think 87 or something. simply stupid and no one was home so thats cool! i needed eggnog that night for sure! fun!  okay so here comes the freak out now. everything is going fast and i dont know if i like it anymore. its legit freak out mode now. i hear everyone talk about it before they go home and im just like "psshhhh CMON GUYS YOURE GOING HOME!!! get pumped. you get to watch tv and see your family and do normal things!" but im the one just like trippin now! its wierd. all i can think about is how im not READY, like prepared to come home. i will def need all your support and will probs just cry a lot so get used to it k? its actually kinda stressin so much i cant eat so like ima be lookin fly. 2 people said i look thinner and im just like "thanks, i havent eaten anything in 52 hours." so ive been feeling this for like a couple of days now and of course been talking it over with the big man upstairs. all about my worries, imperfections and craziness. of course i know hes listening and he can help me with anything, but its hard. then comes saturday, we went to a baptism on the east side for someone that sis mags taught. after wards i was just like "i need a soda stat" so we drive around for a while and mags is like "how about this circle k" yeah okay. so we go in and im getting me some mtdew lol and this guy comes up to me and is like "sister butcherite?" umm yeah "do you remember me" i definitely recognized the was kevin!! who remembers kevin? he goes on "i though it was you!" how are you, kevin?! "im doing really good! ive gone to the temple and have done a ton of baptism and now im preparing to take out my endowments" guys, heavenly father knows you! he hears your prayers and love you more than you can even imagine! he knew that i needed to see kevin and hear how good he is doing. its like i could literally hear heavenly father saying "see sista b, dont be dumb, youve done good things these last 18 months....look at my son. you helped him so much."ugh it was perfect! just sooo good. just for kevin. it was all worth it. on sunday we had to sing in choir and me and mags were so nervous because lemme tell you, practices sounded rough! but it turned out sooo good! the spirit was way strong. then we sang christmas songs all day! eeek i love christmas. okay this was a freakin long email. i love you guys and cant wait to see you all so soon!!! pray i finish strong and faithful!! yeah? thanks. i will email probs the 8 and last on the 15th for my final over and out! 
sista b

lol then we went to the zoo this morning as you can tell from the pictures! it was so fun!

how fun is the library at night!!

16 days my little ryder hahahah

soon seattle...soon

hello mini pony

just chillin wit some jaguars nbd

okay hey tiger

dats a giraffe 


us and elephant lol

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